Insta Friday and a Winner

Since I needed to blog and announce a winner today, I thought I'd share some pics of what's been happening in our fam lately. 

These two pictures may be some of my favorite of all time!  No filter, just the beauty of God's creation!  The pasture was just all sorts of dreamy the other morning.  And there were spider webs everywhere!  It was so beautiful...and creepy all at once.  We did find a web taller than myself which if my son hadn't warned me I would have walked right into.  And then I would have had a heart attack!!

I tweaked my gallery wall some Tuesday night.  It was therapy after a long day!  And yes, that's random kid paraphernalia all over the floor.  Obviously I have priorities...decorating comes before cleaning any day. =P 

This is the beginnings of my hoop for the adoption fundraiser for Emmy and her family.  So glad I could help in some way!

I'm learning to crochet!  (Thanks, Sarah for inspiring me!)  I figured 30 was a good age to learn this awesomeness.

 I ate way, WAY too much of this.  But I was the birthday girl, I can do that, right? =)

Yard sale finds!

Hubby thought our first time at Five Guys and my last day in my 20's should be documented.  The food was SO good.  Yum!

Last Friday our church put together 5,000 Johns and Romans to give out in our community.  And we did it in 4.5 hours!

One of my favorite thrifting finds of the summer.  Sharpens like a dream!

We are getting eggs everyday now!

Ever tried Cinnamon Chex?  It's the best cereal ever.  And the Vanilla Chex? They taste like cupcakes.  For real.  Go get you a box. =)

Now, the winner of the One Crafty Daisy earring giveaway (according to the random number generator!) is........
AnonymousSeptember 6, 2013 at 5:18 PMHave a very happy birthday! (And I am also thinking about the changes that 30 will bring...just a few more months for me!) I love the black and white polka dot earrings!! So cute!
Congratulations!  I will be contacting you today!

And I just wanted to send a thank you to all of my sweet readers, your encouraging comments always mean so much.  I'm so thankful for you!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I really enjoy these peeks into your life. And those first two pictures really are something special. Have a great weekend, Laine.

  2. love the pics! happy birthday! we are all just getting wiser with age right?;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oops! Pete is me hubbs! Forgot he was signed in!
    I agree with Kathleen,the 1st 2 photos, are dreamy :) I'm going to be buying some of those chex mix soon!


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