Almost 30 {+ a Giveaway}


I'm kind of in denial that on Sunday I will no longer be a twenty-something. I mean, goodness, the 20's have been pretty eventful!  Best years of my life by far.  

The 20's were filled with all new things...motherhood, congenital heart defects, prematurity, hospital life, homeschooling, remodeling two homes, becoming a pastor's wife.

Some people say 30 is when things get really good.  Others say it's all downhill from here. I'm wondering what it will be like.  I'm sure there will be new happenings, just like the 20's, but I foresee a continuation and maturing of the old-new things as well.

This last year in my 20's felt like it stretched me the way my first year in my 20's did with the birth of Lydia and all that having a child with congenital heart defects brings.  Praise the Lord this year hasn't been that dramatic, but I can look back and see a big difference in myself!  There have been so many things I did in my 29th year that I thought I would never, nor could ever do.  

I'm excited.  If the 20's were awesome, well, I'm hoping the 30's are even better! 

And since I happen to love presents on my birthday (who doesn't?!), I'm so happy that I can give a little early "Happy Birthday" present away to ya'll! 

A childhood friend of mine, Jillana, just opened up a new etsy shop called "One Crafty Daisy."  I have great memories of Jillana from when we were kids.  Her dad was also my youth pastor and sports coach!

Jillana sent me some earrings to review and I just love them!  They are fabric covered button style earrings.  She also sent Lydia some cute little cupcake earrings that are just darling.  

These chevron studs are my very favorite!  I love them and they will definitely be getting a lot of use!

{Lydia was my photographer...too bad she didn't tell me to get all of the hair out of my face, lol.  Oh well!}

Jilllana has excellent prices in her etsy shop and these earrings would make great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, etc. And guess what?!  Not only is she giving away one pair to a lucky reader, she has provided a coupon code!  Use code OCDFALL20 for 20% off anything in her shop until September 14th.  Go do some early Christmas shopping!

To enter the giveaway, go visit her etsy shop, One Crafty Daisy and then come back here and leave a comment telling me which pair you would like to win!  If you are an anonymous commenter, please leave your email address so I can contact you.

The giveaway will close next Thursday,  September 12th at midnight, and the winner will be notified on Friday!

Have a great weekend friends! 


  1. I really like the button earrings! So cute! Happy almost birthday!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy 30!!! Ur still young.I'm almost mid 30! Only gets better :). Love the button and black polka dots!!
    Srkbrasil (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. You cannot be turning thirty, because that means that I have to turn thirty in a month.... If we both refuse, we can be twenty-nine forever. Right? Lol - I don't really mind. I'm ready to be a grown up, I guess. I just wish I felt as mature as I thought I would be at thirty. Oh well. =0)

    The earrings are so cute! I love the dangle button earrings! The turquoise with flowers would be my first choice, but I also like the orange. the black w/polka dots are super cute too. Thanks for the chance to win a pair!


  4. I think maybe the black polka dots. It's hard to choose. Happy birthday!

  5. Since I am partial to yellow and all of her shades, I have to say the mustard flower studs are my fav...although there are close runners up!!

    Enjoy your bday weekend!! You are still an young thing. I too am almost in my mid-thirties...yikes.

  6. Happy 30th and I love the lack polka dot ones!! tigernbella@hotmail.com

    1. I'd love to win the chevron button ones!! Happy birthday!!! Starlow_girl@yahoo.com

  7. Happy Birthday!

    <3 the dangle chevron ones, but also the polka dot and that mustard flower! :)


    dhlkwan (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. I went to West Coast with Jillana! :D My favorite earrings in her shop are the black and white polka dot pair! Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! You'll enjoy your 30's - I did ;)

    As for the earrings, those are super-cute. I like the owls and also the orange chevrons.

  10. Have a Blessed Birthday! The earrings are all adorable but I love the beautiful mustard flower earrings!

  11. Have a very happy birthday! (And I am also thinking about the changes that 30 will bring...just a few more months for me!) I love the black and white polka dot earrings!! So cute!

  12. Happy birthday! I've also known Jill for a long time! I LOVE the blank and white houndstooth studs!

  13. Happy Birthday! 30's for me have been a wonderful time of personal growth and spiritual growth. I wish you many blessings in your 30's!

    The earrings are adorable. My favorite pair is the Mustard & White dangle earrings.

    k_ s_ bowen @ hotmail. com

  14. Happy Birthday!!! My b-day is just a week after yours, but I'm 12 years older than you - yikes! Now I really feel old. ;-)

    Darling earrings! If I won it would be a hard decision because I've been looking for some cute pink earrings and I like the hanging ones, but I think I'd get a lot of use out of the black with the green, blue, and white flowers. I might have to get myself a birthday present. :-)

  15. The 30s are awesome! Welcome to the club! Love the triple button dangly earrings. I can think of a lot of things with which I can wear them. Thanks for for letting us know about her etsy shop.

  16. Happy Birthday, Laine! Love reading your blog:) You are an inspiration as a Christian, and I plan to homeschool my kids as well. They are still very little (and I am 31, so you make me feel old!), so it is great to read your homeschooling posts. My e-mail address is: amy_mccomas82@yahoo.com. I like the "Button Earrings - Orange, white and yellow chevron dangle earrings."

  17. Happy birthday!!! :) :) :) Thank you so much for this amazing chance! The earrings are all amazing! I'd like to win this http://www.etsy.com/it/listing/159965306/button-earrings-a-gorgeous-pair-of?ref=shop_home_active
    email: volley_91_@hotmail.it

  18. Happy Birthday! I love the fall button earrings!

    I also follow you on IG, and I wanted to nominate you for a Liebster Award! You can check out my blog post if you'd like more info and if you'd like to accept! :)



  19. Happy b'day, Laine. Thanks for the link to the great earrings. I love the purple ones made out of actual buttons. My college daughter would love them.

  20. Happy birthday 30's are great!! Those are some darling earrings, I love the fall chevron ones!

  21. happy birthday! i love the Dangle Button Earrings in mustard and white flowers!

  22. Happy birthday! Mines today! Love reading your blog! I really like the black and white polka dot ones.



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