Well, hey there

I feel like I'm climbing out of the dust that's finally settled from the past couple of weeks.  For all of you readers who've been around here for a while, you know that when life get's crazy blogging always takes a backseat.  That's just how it has to be!  

Last week we had VBS and it was awesome.  There were so many blessings in it!  We had three children accept Christ which made it all worthwhile!  Also, several of our VBS workers are people who have been saved this year at our church and who are growing in the Lord.  It's so exciting to see that fruit!  One man who was saved this year said in testimony time in our service last night that working in VBS was the best thing he'd ever been able to do in his life.  This same man was able to lead his nephew to the Lord during VBS as well.  

Our theme was "Sailing with the Saviour" and we got to dress up like pirates all week. He was Captain Brown Beard and then all the kids started calling me, "Mrs. Brown Beard."  

Last Thursday we headed to the big city for Lydia to have a check up with the cardiologist.  She is doing great!  The leaking valve that they've been watching since after her first open heart surgery has not changed in the last six months and is not causing any problems yet, praise the Lord.  However, doing an echo was pretty difficult since she's getting older and bigger.  It took about an hour and even then they were barely able to see everything. 

 Because of this, beginning next year they will have to sedate her and put a camera down her throat in order to see her heart instead of doing echo's.  This kind of came as a surprise to us because we've never thought about the fact that one day she'd be too big for an echo!  But I'm thankful for the technology and that there is that option. 

On Monday our new little four year old had a well check up and is currently in the 95% for height.  I'm thinking he must be taking after my side of the family!  He was so sweet and didn't even cry for his two shots and a finger stick!  

And now for the biggest news that I've neglected to share with you.....this.  

I'm going to share more about him next week.  You just can't imagine the hilarious things that have happened since this little feline has arrived.  I should start a new series entitled "Lucy the Cat Torturer."  

She really doesn't torture him...it's more of the over-zealous-animal-lover-squeezer tendencies that she's always had.  So, SO funny.

Alright. I've gotta run. Well, next week (hopefully!) we'll be talking about all things homeschool. One of my favorite subjects!   Can't believe it's that time again.  (Are ya'll ready?)

My coffee is calling me.  (actually, that's homemade iced chai)  Have a great day, friends!


  1. I have been stalking your blog for a while now. I love to read your posts! The pirate ship was amazing. We, too, are planning on doing a pirate theme at our church next year (Knights of the Lord's Table this year!), and I am definitely saving the picture that you posted. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Greetings, Mrs. Brown Beard: I did miss your blog last week and understand that VBS, family, etc come before it. Am looking forward to seeing what decisions you make about the home-school room. While at Restore in Gastonia last week, a couple came out with 2 two-drawer filing cabinets and I thought how they could be used as storage for the individual student in a home-school room in addition to holding up desk tops. Oh, well, only one grandson still being taught at home. Matthew is a junior with one year to go and he has the concentration to work in the midst of a crowd. Since Miss Lucy can't catch the chickens to hug on them, she now has a new victim/recipient of her loving nature. Oops, didn't mean to yabber on. See you next week? God bless. Judy Smith

  3. you are so precious!
    praise Jesus for souls saved! the BEST news ever!
    and your kitty? oh man, he's cute! we never thought we would be indoor cat people, but our kit cat is a part of the fam bam now! we love him! :)
    love ya!

  4. What a busy couple of weeks!! Yay to the souls saved and the zeal of the newly saved!! Our youngest was about Lucy's age when we got an indoor cat and she loved on that cat ALL THE TIME!! The cat did retaliate at times and broke her heart, because she just wanted to hold it!!! :) But, at night, the cat chose that youngest ones bed to sleep in....I think that cat knew who really loved her....which is why she didn't sleep close to me!!! ;)

  5. What an awesome looking VBS! I get so excited when I see churches put so much effort into their kids... I was reached through my church's bus ministry, and it means so much to me now!

  6. Your VBS decorations look amazing! ...what a sweet kitty!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. poor cat. now maybe the chickens have a reprieve!!! :)


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