Look at that baby! 

I know all mom's say it, but it's true.  You blink, and they are grown up. 

I enjoyed Levi's babyhood so, SO much.  It all was a treat.  Even the sleepless nights.  It was a dream come true having a newborn in our home and experiencing all I had missed with my first two children.  There were many tears of joy during those 3:00am feedings!

My then baby turned four on Tuesday! 

He is my quirky kid...in a good way.  He's just different from his older siblings so it's been a bit challenging for this momma.  But I love him for it!

He is determined and mostly quiet.
He loves books.
And art.
And basically marching to the beat of his own drum.
I think he's going to be a lefty.
He's the boy that doesn't want to dream up a cool birthday cake for mom to make from scratch and design.  No, no. 

He wants to pick out a cake mix and icing and make it all himself. 

He woke me up at 6:30am with big smiles and sweet imploring whispers of, "It's my birfday....can we go bake my cake?"  A big, strawberry donut shaped cake with blue icing and lotsa sprinkles.
Daddy asked him that night before bed what his favorite part about his birthday was and he said, "Baking my cake wiff Mommy."

I melt.

You know, it really is the little things.  They want us.  Not elaborate parties, expensive cakes or toys.  Time together is what they remember.
He's been riding his sister's old pink two-wheeler for 5 months now. (Seriously, he just got on a two-wheeler one day and rode like no big deal!)  Steven came up with a great little scavenger hunt to lead him to his new ride.  He loved it!

 He got to watch Daddy put it together and help a little and then he was off in a flash.  That boy can FLY on a bike!

Mr. Levi,

I love how you...
-crack open my door at 6:00am with one hand raised and the other rubbing your eyes, asking for a banana and a drink
-say "Mommy, I have a tweston..." (question)
-want to write your name on everything
-wear your undies backwards so you can see the character's eyes 
-ask me every day at naptime to snuggle and read you (another) Curious George story 
-wear your green crocs on the wrong feet
-always, always want to play a game with me
-get all excited about anything and exclaim, "Weawwy, momma?!" 
-want to eat a "p-budder jewwy samich" every day for lunch
-try to take everything part to see how it works
-walk up to random people at church and say, "Hola 'migo's, como 'stas?" 
-pretend to read chapter books because you want to read so badly
-have wild crazy hair in the morning
-frown and chew on your lip when you are concentrating
-smile at me across the table with your chin resting on your hand

Goodness...I sure loved and enjoyed him being a three year old!  But I have a feeling four is going to be pretty rad, too.  

Happy 4th Birthday, Levi! We love you to the moon and back! 


  1. Smiles from ear to ear as I read this...especially the list! Happy birthday Levi!

  2. Your love for each other and his huge smile make me smile too. Judy Smith

  3. He's a doll. I love your list about him. And wow! A two-wheeler at that age. That's amazing. 4 year olds are my favorite. I hope it's a great year for both of you.

  4. he looks so different in that last picture!! he is really growing up!

  5. He's gonna be a handsome young man. Well done on the training


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