Our Weekend Stunk....Quite Literally

Has it been raining a ton where you live?  It's been almost non-stop here for the last week!  On Thursday evening it was raining so hard we couldn't go watch fireworks, so we stayed up late with the kiddies and played games. (We had a blast and the kiddos declared it was more fun than watching fireworks!) 

Around midnight we were finally heading to bed and I noticed that there was quite a stinky smell coming from the master bathroom. I was baffled because there was nothing obvious. (ahem) I checked the trash and emptied it, went through the dirty clothes, and I still couldn't figure out where the odor was coming from. So, I gave up and went to bed.

When we got up Friday morning the smell was bad.  Really bad.  Like something-died-in-our-bathroom-a-week-ago bad.  Uggh.  

And thus began what I have now dubbed the "Septic Tank Saga."  Once the tank was finally located and dug up, (that was quite an adventure!) we found that it was completely full. Also, there is a drain box thing that is supposed to send the water out in pipes and that box had completely disintigrated. So basically, all the water that ought to have been draining out of the septic tank through pipes was just flowing out into the ground.  Yuck.

I was so afraid this young guy running this thing was going to break a pipe or something.  Or that I was going to get tobacco juice spat on me while I took this picture.   Thankfully, neither happened. =D

This morning the tank was emptied (hallelujah!!) and tonight when hubby get's home he is going to work on putting in the new drain box.

While problems like these are expensive, annoying and frustrating, I'm thankful that the issues aren't as bad as they could have been!  Also, very, VERY thankful that the "something died" smell is beginning to leave our bathroom.  (Not even a yankee candle could make it smell better in there!)

So yeah, our weekend stunk.  Literally.  

Also, did I mention we got to church Sunday morning and we hadn't been there 5 minutes when Lucy threw up all over me?  

Yeah.  It's been a long weekend.  

I'm thankful it's Monday. Hey, there's always something to be thankful for, right?  =)

So, how was your weekend, friends?  I truly hope it was calmer than mine!!


  1. Ohhhh Laine!! I am so sorry you had THAT kind of weekend. :( We live in an older section of our neighborhood, that has septic & grease traps. 2 years ago on News years day, we had problems. Like washing machine overflowing, pipes clogged kinds of problems. We snaked the pipes ($$$) and then we were told we needed to have the grease trap emptied...(we didn't know we even owned such a thing, let alone WHERE is was!!) Sounds very similar to your mess. Yard dug up ($$$) new drain field put in (tree roots had grown through old pipes put in (circa 1979) so they needed to be replaced ($$$$) Sometimes home ownership just stinks! :( I hope things will get better soon, and that your little girl will be better AND that everyone else will STAY well!

  2. Oh no....It has been raining nonstop since Wednesday in my neck of the woods.Kinda messed our plans up:( But my kids have made forts in the living room and they were happy :)

  3. You have a dog! A black dog! I see her in the 3rd picture! She's alive!!! Hi, Pepper :)

    Sorry about the stink. I thought one of the dogs scared a skunk before reading. Your hubby is amazing at being Mr. Fix-it.

    Poor Lucy :(

  4. Well, compared to last weekend, this weekend should be awesome, no matter what happens! I hate sewer issues! Hope Lucy feels better and doesn't "share" with everyone else!

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