Lucy the Chicken Chaser

If you've been reading this blog for a little while, you know Miss Lucy is our chickens' biggest fan.  She loves them to death (almost literally) and talks about her "kickies" all the time.  If you were a stranger striking up a conversation with this wee one, she would no doubt tell you about her "kickies" amidst all the other undecipherable 20 month old jargon.  (Yes, she turns 20 months today!!) 

The bad thing is that now that the chickens are bigger, Lucy can't run them down and catch one to hold.  But she tries and it usually goes something like this.....

"Lucy, do you see the chickens?"

"Do you want to go say 'hi'?"

{signing "yes ma'am"}

Then there's a wild scrambling off of the front porch to go get said chicken....

 "Go get them Lucy!  Go hug your chicken!"

 "Did they run from you?  Sorry, honey. "

"Oh, look...they are coming back!"

This girl.

She just doesn't understand why all animals don't hold still and let her squeeze them until they pop. =)

And at 20 months she is quite the character.  If there's something she wants, she doesn't ask, she just figures out how to make it happen.  I know that trait will serve her well in life, but boy does it make life interesting right now! =D

And she makes the above faces often because her wild plans are usually thwarted.  But we love our little animal lover (and squeezer), table climber and wall scribbler. 

Happy 20 months, Lucy Joy, we love and adore you!! =)


  1. I *LOVED* this post! :o) Lucy is absolutely adorable! I can only imagine if she were with us long ago when my great-uncle would take us to his old, weathered barn to go see the "peep peeps" {what we always thought were called "pee pees"}. Brought back old memories. . . :o)

  2. Makes me laugh. At the camp we attend each summer, they have an activity called "chicken wrangling." I think she is getting some great training for this! Ever see a bunch of teens trying to get a group of chickens inside a fence? Hilarious!

  3. Precious little girl!!! Love her expressions!

  4. Oh my, how I love this little face! She is too cute for words. Give her a hug from Auntie.



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