It's the Little Things

I love blogging on Friday's.  It's fun to look back through the week and recount the little daily blessings that can easily go unnoticed.  One reason I enjoy Instagram is because it makes it simple to document the little moments in life.  

This week I'm thankful for....

 Backyard blackberries picked by little hands (glad the chickens didn't eat them all!)

 Chubby little toddler legs at the pool.  I die.

 Three bigger kiddos who can swim in the deep end and go off of the diving board.  Yippee!!

 Swimming accessories and floaties because they make me laugh.  This kid.  I'm telling you.  She could have her own comedy show.

A new local park with a great big slide that we were able to explore for the first time...and I think I should get cool mom points for going down it several times.  The slide that looks uber fun kind of wasn't...you pretty much squeaked your way down it if you know what I mean. Maybe that was their thinking...make the super long slide seem EXTRA long.  I don't know.  Next time I'm taking my cooking spray. =D (kidding, kidding!)

$0.50 Stampin' Up stamp pads at Goodwill, still in excellent condition.  You should have seen me and my inked up fingers testing them all.

 Happy little helpers who make priming a chalkboard wall lots of fun.  Keep rubbing minions!!  Hahaha.

It's going to be a BUSY weekend and coming week since we have VBS!  We arrrrrrgghh so excited about it.  It's a pirate theme.  Get it?  Aaaaarrrgh?  

Ok.  Nevermind.  =D

We ARE looking forward to it and praying for many children to come and hear the gospel, and hopefully have some accept Christ. Can't wait to share what God does!

I hope no matter the method, whether with your phone, or camera or just pen and paper that you'll stop and try to document the little things in life.  The moments that get so easily passed up and forgotten.  Try it.  It's amazing what counting the blessings and praising God can do in your life.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. Oh, that slide looks like a ton of fun for my four year old! What's the name of the park, if you don't mind me asking? We live about an hour from you, I think. Thanks!

  2. It's the new Zahra Baker park in Hickory. :)


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