It Finally Feels Like Summer

With my kids finally better from a month of passing viruses back and forth, and since it's not raining everyday, it is feeling like summer for the first time!  And we are enjoying it SO much.  Here's a little recap of our week....

We played outside until almost dark, catching fireflies and riding bikes under a sky that looked like a sea of cotton balls. The heavens truly declare the glory of God!

Lydia planned this dinner: stuffed peppers, and roasted potatoes, eggplant and yellow squash.  All of it, except the rice and hamburger in the peppers, was fresh from the garden.  So delicious!

The littles and I dressed up as cows and went to Chik-fil-A for free food.  We had so much fun making these masks from some foam plates we had in the cupboard.  Cutest little bovines ever. =D

This momma got out by herself Saturday morning (for the first time in two months!!) and hit a few yard sales.  I found this awesome vintage office chair at an estate sale up in the corner of the attic.  And the sweet man let me have it for $10...woo-hoo! It's in near perfect condition and is a lovely shade of orange.  It's going to look so good in our school room...yay!!
 Do you see those big boys on either side of me?  Yeah, those are my "baby" brothers.  I changed their diapers, carried them on my hip, kept them out of trouble...basically was their second momma.  And now they dwarf me.  Crazy.  And I'm 5'10"!!  So, um, yeah, that should give you an idea of how HUGE these fellas are.  Very thankful for the time we had to spend with them and my dad on Saturday evening.

We are a salsa loving family...this week I canned 5 quarts and 8 pints of salsa from veggies in our garden.  YUM!

This kids lashes are just dreamy.  Seriously.  It's kind of not fair.  They always look like this when we go swimming.  (We did that for the first time this summer, too!)

I'm so thankful that this week things were better.  Life this past month had been pretty stressful!  Even though there's only a few weeks of summer left, we are going to soak up and enjoy every moment. =)

So how's your summer going friends?  

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  1. What's your recipe for salsa? Our veggies have started coming in an d will have lots of tomatoes to do salsa! I've got to go find canned though since I don't have tons of room for everything. I have been Balanchine the beans and freezing but the others want to can.


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