Current Events and a Milestone

Other than the current status of my home looking like an exploded goodwill because of the massive reorganization overhaul I've been tackling this week (you can read about that in yesterdays post), here are some other "current events" in our home....

Lucy has now reached the "Piggies Milestone" as I call it.  There is almost nothing cuter than piggy tails on a baby girl.  I LOVE it.  

And not only is she wearing piggies, she's wearing her big sister's dress.  That little strawberry dress is the very first baby dress I ever made! Over 9 years ago!

We love some yummy summer produce and we've been eating a lot of peaches lately. Very thankful for a local farm that sells a 4 gallon bucket of peaches for $10!  Glad they aren't too expensive because this little band of locusts can knock them out in about a week. 

These chickens make me laugh every.single.day.  The "young" chickens have now taken to segregating themselves from our "old" chicken.  So funny.

There are horses in the pasture right across from our home, and Lucy loves to go visit them.  But every time without fail she looks at me and says, "Mom!" and holds out her hands like this because she wants to hold the horsey.  She also does this whenever we are reading a book and see an animal.  She is definitely our little animal lover!

And have you heard that there is now video on Instagram?  I adore Instagram and that community...I guess you'd just have to be a part to understand.  There are such sweet and godly women in my little "circle" who are so encouraging.  It's very different than any other "social media."  But anyways, about the video thing, now you can video for 15 seconds and share those as well.  It's pretty neat!

Well, I'm hoping to make huge progress today in finishing up our Tuesday night explosion...especially since we have friends coming in town tomorrow.  {gulp}

Have a great weekend!


  1. The pig tails are adorable! How I miss that age! : )

  2. What a sweet little dress...on a sweet little girl!

    ~Have a lovely day!


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