It's the Little Things {InstaFriday}

I love participating in InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged because I love looking back over the week at the little things...those fleeting moments that so easily get forgotten about in the daily huzza of our lives. 

If you've been keeping up with this blog, you know this past week has been a little bit of a roller coaster ride.  But, I'm refusing to let some scary news stifle the joy found in the every day.  Every moment we can choose to see and experience the good gifts from God.  It takes some practice (and lots of it!) but you can do it.  

 I did my first wrapped hoop last Thursday afternoon after my appointment...crafting always helps me decompress!  Wrapping hoops are kind of addicting. I did another one too that I haven't taken a picture of! I kind of hacked up a Lisa Leonard calendar for the print, hope she doesn't mind. =D

 Be still my heart....I just love watching my hubby with his baby girl.  It is the sweetest. =)

 Puffy clouds and blue skies are a happy sight after SO much rain.  But hey, I shouldn't complain, our garden is happy, happy!
 Last Friday we attended my friend's graduation.  And I felt like such an oldie.  Ten years before, it was me walking across that platform.  Goodness how time flies!  

 Yard Sale loot from Saturday...

2-1/2 gallon mason jars (one was a wide mouth and I've never seen a 1/2 gallon of those!)
trifle dish (been wanting one for a looong time)
vintage tupperware
crochet blanket
old Navy winter coat (for Lucy)
little boy tie
little boy dress shoes
Fiskars oval punch
We R Memory Keepers Punch tool (sets eyelets and punches holes in thin metal, leather, fabric, paper, etc.)
box of eyelets (unopened)
super pretty pad of paper (only 2 sheets missing and a 19.99 price tag!)

Total: $10 !!!!
 I seriously couldn't believe this blanket, it is SO pretty.  It's not often that I've seen granny squares so large before.  Tried not to act so surprised when they said they only wanted a $1 for it! =)

These two are quickly becoming besties. =) When Lucy was born, Levi was not himself for a while.  He even kept asking if I bought her at a yard sale!  He always screamed when she cried and was very unsure about the little intruder!

But as she's grown, he has begun to adore her.  Of course they can fuss and fight, typical brother and sister, but lately I've seen more and more how much these two like to be together.  

Levi is not a "hand holder."  He never has been.  So when he reached out at the beginning of our walk to hold Lucy's hand, I was surprised.  They didn't let go the entire time.  And he even picked her a flower.  =)  

I love watching the friendships blossom between our children, it is truly a special thing!

 Our friend Li came over to mess up my kitchen and cook us some authentic Brazilian food.  It was amazing!

 My sweet friend is moving back to Brazil next week. =(  This girl is one hard worker...she came to the USA almost 5 years ago, not speaking hardly a word of English.  And in that time she earned a Bachelors degree, an Associates degree and a degree in Theology (3 year degree.)  Plus, she also earned her license to teach English as a second language!  What she has accomplished in the last 5 years is pretty incredible and I'm so proud of her.  My children absolutely adore her (as does everyone in our church!) and we're going to miss her terribly!  But I am looking forward to seeing how God uses her in her own country.  (Love you, Linelma!!!)

What, you're chickens don't like to go for a swing?  =D

Last night it was just the littles and I so we played outside almost until dark and ate ice cream on the front porch.  It had been a long day (and week!) and ice cream just makes everything better, yes?  =)

Well, friends, thank you again for your kindness and for praying for me.  Monday seems like forever away!  I look forward to having that appointment over with and getting some answers.  

Have a great weekend and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating all the mothers in your life! =)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great reminder to remember the little things that add so much to our lives. I have so much to recall each day (and really try to do so) as that adds to the daily joy. Judy Smith

  2. It was only 3 years ago that I was walking across that platform, and I still feel old! =) Oh, and you can tell your husband that bag looks good on him...lol! Love that picture!

  3. Love your yard sale deals! Great price for all of that. I am sure you will be photographing something amazing in that trifle dish very soon :)

  4. Great post! :) Thinking about you and praying when you come to mind. Love the pic of Li with the kids... and the food!!! ;)


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