Great Posts by Some of My Favorite Bloggers

Hello Friends! 

How is your week going?  Are you recovered from Easter?  Are your kids on Spring Break?  

To me, this week so far has felt a bit off.  Do you ever have those?  The super busy weekend along with a Monday field trip kind of threw off our weekly routine...which means writing and blogging are thrown off as well!  

Today, (since none of my posts sitting in draft mode are finished!) I thought I'd share with you some posts that I've read recently that were challenging and encouraging.  

This post by my college friend Rachel had me laughing at some points and crying at others. With Lydia having complex heart defects and Caleb being born 12 weeks premature, we've experienced many of the things she talks about.  I remember one February when Lydia and Caleb were tiny, we had 25 doctor appointments that month.  28 days and 25 appointments...you do the math.  Between the two there were seven different specialists and lots of medicine and monitors.  While we have grown out of many of the issues that would place them in the "special needs" category, I still vividly remember the difficulty of those days.  

Meg, a blogger I've followed for quite a while, wrote this great post on the importance of taking care of the Master Bedroom.  It doesn't have to be magazine worthy, but it should reflect you as a couple and have meaningful things in it. Meg's been married for 18 years and has 5 kids...she knows what she's talking about!  I read this post quite a while ago, but it is one that I think of often!  It's WAY too easy to let the room that's supposed to be our "haven" become the household storage facility.  Anyone ever felt that your room was that?  Yeah...it's way too easy.

Do you know about Carissa from Lowercase Letters?  I've only recently discovered her blog and I love it.  She shared this post on blogging a few weeks ago and it was really, really good.  If you are a blogger or writer, I encourage you to read it.

My friend Christa wrote a post about facebook and how it can affect our friendships.  It's not a long read but one that will challenge you to look beyond the sunny status updates and really care.

And last, but certainly not least, "20 Things Every Pastor's Wife Wants You to Know about Her" written by another college friend, Leah, who blogs at Embracing Grace.  As a pastor's wife myself, what she shared is so true....things I wish my church members could know about me.  If you are a pastor's wife, or have a pastor's wife, I greatly encourage you to read this post!

Well, I'm off to get some things ready for church tonight and do{more}laundry. Yippee. =D

Hope ya'll have a happy Wednesday!

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