Baby Chicks {feathered and unfeathered}

We did it....we finally gave in and got some chicks!  And oh. my. goodness...I can't get over the cuteness.  All the kids are just smitten and loooove the chickies to death.

Lucy has earned the name "the chicken strangler" because she loves them a little too much and tries to hug them and just about squeezes their tiny heads off.  Literally.  So we have to protect the babies from her exuberant love and are hoping she masters petting them gently with her finger very soon!  
The kiddos picked some pretty great names for the chickies...this here above is Birdie (Levi's pick) and below is Agnes.  
Besides Birdie and Agnes, we have Sally, Henrietta, Penelope, Winifred, and Miss Bennett. We try our best to remember how to tell them apart!
I like chickies and all, but there is no way they are getting on my table without some protection! Right now they live in a big ole' tub in the laundry room with their heat lamp, etc.  It seems the kiddos are getting them out every few minutes, but it's okay.  We just wash our hands.  A LOT.

 I have so enjoyed watching my littles adoring their tiny chicks.  So sweet and special. 

And since we're on the subject of chicks, I thought you might enjoy some pics of my other chicks, you know, the unfeathered ones.  But these are mostly of my littlest chica..a.k.a. the resident chicken strangler.  

She's a mess.  And we LOVE her dearly.  Miss Lucy is 16 months now and is excellent at communicating and full of her own quirky attitude. She fills our lives with sunshine.  And drama.  

 Love this one...giving daddy smooches!
I snapped a few pics after church on Sunday since it rained and was yucky on Easter.  They were all hungry and not very delighted with pictures, so I only got a few.  Oh well.

 This girl.  That smile.  I have no words.

Playing in the dirt and rocks whilst wearing floofy church dresses...I'm quite positive this is what my girls dream of at night. =)

Alright, so do any of you have baby chicks or chickens?  Any funny chick stories to share?


  1. o my goodness...little Lucy's smile is ridiculously contagious!!!!! So precious!

  2. No chicks here, but my in-laws just visited with their baby ducks. Very cute. I just love the pictures of your beautiful family. I think I started reading your blog right before you had Lucy. Time really flies. God bless!!


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