Unexpected Blessings {+ InstaFriday}

God is just so good, isn't He?

I'm so thankful that His love, mercy and grace didn't stop with the cross!  It continued to an empty tomb and through each day for thousands of years He continually reaches down and fills our lives with good things, when we are so very undeserving. When we fail miserably at being like Him, He does it anyway.  It's an amazing thought, isn't it?  We come SO short, and yet, He is there, always loving us.  

It blows me away.  

Every single day is a beautiful gift, but twice this week I felt like God gave me some extra gifts, some unexpected blessings, and was just letting me know all over again that He knows and cares, even about the little things.  

Tuesday morning we were getting a late start to school and the phone rang.  It was definitely an unexpected caller and I got a little scared and was hoping nothing was wrong.  So I answered and this sweet friend said, "Hey, would you and kids like to come meet me for lunch?  How about Chik-fil-A?  And let's go shopping while we're at it!"  

Hours later we went home will hearts (and tummies!) filled and beautiful outfits for Easter Sunday. Wow.

Then on Wednesday morning I had to make my regular early morning dash to Aldi to get some fruits and veggies, and lo and behold, there were these gorgeous hydrangea bushes clearanced for $5 a piece!  I have wanted some for our home for years but they were always too expensive. I shared this on Instagram, but I was just reminded again that God really does care about the smallest desires of our hearts, like hydrangeas for the flower beds.

He's just SO good like that. 

I've started reading this book again. It should be in my "read once a year" stack.  It's really good.  If you have never read it, you need to.  So challenging!

About a month ago my girlies and I were in hobby lobby and my oldest daughter spotted this fabric.  It was definitely an unplanned purchase, but I'm so glad now that I gave in to her pleas.  Can't wait to turn it into some happy dresses for my girls!

Say hello to Rosemary. =D
This is my first herb that I've kept alive for any length of time (I'm a serial house plant killer.  Truly.) and I LOVE it.  Rosemary smells amazing and makes everything taste good. I have a chicken recipe that I need to share that will knock your socks off.  

Most Walmarts are selling them for about $4 right now.  Buy one.  You won't be sorry.

 This picture makes me laugh for so many reasons. Couldn't help but share.

Every day Miss Lucy brings me these shoes and asks to wear them.  Without fail.  I didn't know one year old's could be shoe-a-holics. 

 And I tried explaining to her that just because she wears sassy little shoes and is cute as a button doesn't meant she can get away with things like this.  (and NO, that's not a real snake!)

 I made a new pillow cover this week (the blue chevron) and I think I now have the perfect mix of pillows for the living room. =)  

 This is my newest embroidery project and it's rainbow/ombre/random, haha!  I'm going to wrap the hoop in strips of that rainbow chevron.  It'll be puuurty, don't you think?  

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ!  What a blessing to serve a risen Saviour!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. That rainbow fabric is awesome! the embroidery is great too!
    Visiting from Life Rearranged!

  2. I love these posts, Laine! Your kids Easter outfits are adorable!! Can't wait to see pictures of them! Yay on your hydrangeas!

    and love the colorful chevron fabric, the new pillow and your embroidery art. You are so good at those!

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