You know it's been a crazy busy week when today is your hubby's day off and the kiddos beg, "Can we just stay home today and hang out?"  Yes please. =)

But as busy as it's been, it's a good busy.  A "we've had so many prayers answered all at once in the last couple of days" kind of busy.  I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

This child...I don't know what we'd all do without her.  She is most definitely our little sunshine!  Our nursery has been overflowing the last couple of services and amidst fussing babies, she's running back and forth to each one hugging and patting them, bringing them toys, and doing the very best her 15 month old self can do to calm them the entire time.  She's going to be a good mommy. =)

That pic was actually Monday morning when our day was just all backwards.  The forecast said rain so I let the big kids play outside and gave her a bath.  We didn't end up starting school until after lunch when the two littlest took naps.  And we finished school in record time, complete with no wiggles.  

I think we may be on to something!!

Want to know my "recipe" for being ready to go in about two minutes?  A striped shirt, cardigan, and a fun scarf or necklace.  It's my favorite combo and it always seems to work.  That paired with a maxi skirt (or whatever really!) and it's like wearing comfy pajamas all day! 

(P.S...all of that was thrifted from Goodwill or yard sales) =)
 So it's late afternoon and I'm reading to the minions as I make them fold laundry, and before I even know what's happening to me, my 7 year old son clips something in my hair.  A battery-operated, clip-on flashlight meant for a book, now turned hair accessory.  How thoughtful.  

And heavy.  And hilarious.  Crazy boy!
 She's really into coloring nowadays.  It's a good and bad thing.  NOTHING is safe.  Seems she can find a writing utensil just about anywhere around here.  Yeah...I've been doing my fair share of scrubbing lately.  

And those teeny-tiny, sticking-straight-out-from-the-sides-of-her-head piggytails slay me.  Every time.  I LOVE IT!  What is it about baby girls and piggy tails?  I just can't take the cuteness.

My mother in law has this framed in her guest bedroom...the cover from the March 1907 Ladies' Home Journal.  And then, 106 years later, I was published in the same magazine.  Crazy! 

Here is my feature on page 76! So exciting!  (You can go here to read yesterday's post on the whole story behind being published in this months edition of the Ladies' Home Journal.) There's also an online feature that you can read here.

Do your kids have any Playmobil toys?  My boys were given the cowboys and Indians at Christmas from their grandma and they absolutely love them.  They have played with them pretty much every day without fail since then!  They are well made and have so many neat features like all the interchangeable accessories, etc.  These definitely fall into the "best toy ever" category. (And no, playmobil is not paying me to say this.  They have NO idea I even exist...just happy to pass on our love of playmobil.)

 Either this was the craziest or best thing I have ever done.  

Yesterday I did grocery shopping for an entire month! The table was covered...and it's 8 ft. long!!  Never have I bought this many groceries in my life at one time, and I wasn't completely finished! Last night I was going to get a few things from Sam's to finish out my shopping but the van broke down.  Boo. 

Next week I'll be giving the details about my menu and how I'm working once a month shopping etc.  (You can read why I'm doing it here.)

 My three year old picked these pretty flowers for me after our epic shopping trip yesterday.  It was so sweet...he brought them to me and said, "Here mommy, you can use these to make some tea like cherry juice to help your hip!"  (I have arthritis and other issues with my back and hip.)  He's such a sweetheart and so very thoughtful. =)

So are any of ya'll on Instagram? (I'm @itsjustlaine)  Come find me and we can be friends!  I really do enjoy Instagram...many friends of mine don't have blogs and stay away from facebook so this is how we keep up with each other!  

It's supposed to be a gorgeous, sunny day here and I'm looking forward to spending it with my fam! (Friday is our Saturday if that makes any sense.)  Thinking we're going to start some work on our garden.  Yay! 

Hope you all have a blessed day and weekend, friends!  

What's on your agenda this weekend?  Do any of you plant a garden?  Or is it still freezing cold where you're at?

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  1. fun week! congrats on being featured - that is so so exciting. and love your hair accessories flashlight haha. have a great weekend!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  2. no kids here, but my sister & i played with playmobil growing up. it's great!

  3. There is a Playmobil nativity. I don't covet it, per se, but it always catches my attention every Christmas. I played with Playmobil as a kid, and I would love for my kids to have them; they're just sort of expensive.

  4. Ohhhhh I'm off to find you on Instagram!!!

    Love her pigtails..........YAHOOOOOOOO on the magazine feature..........annnd you thrifted that necklace!?!?!?!

  5. i wanna go thrifting with u! totally need an outfit like that.
    love folliwing you on IG!

  6. The only thing more fab than that thrifted necklace is Miss Lucy's pigtails!



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