InstaFriday + What I Wore for the First Time

Happy Friday!

And today definitely is a happy day because guess what?  Today my man and I get to have almost the whole day together!!  First time in at least two years, and I'm SO excited.  It was completely last minute and I'm incredibly grateful for our sweet friends who love our children and look forward to babysitting!

I also wanted to thank all of you for your feedback after yesterday's post.  I'm humbled that it was a blessing, challenge and encouragement to so many.  I am still learning so much about helping others who are going through a difficult time and many of you shared some great ideas.  If you read yesterday's post, take a minute to read the comments as well.

Well, on Friday's I usually do a little weekly family recap sharing pics from my phone and Instagram feed.  If you're on there, you can find me @itsjustlaine.

 Last Friday was so rainy and cold and my littles and I had to do the grocery shopping. But it gave me a good reason to wear my cute boots so it was okay. ;)
The slipcovers were due for another good washing and I was reminded again why I went through pain and suffering of sewing it!  I'm thinking I could win an ugly couch award though...peach and seafoam stripes....lovely. This was one project that was most definitely worth it!
 When I shared this picture, I confessed that I pretty much NEVER paint my nails, and when I do, I can't seem to stick with "normal" colors.  It was Saturday and I mentioned that I was going to take it off because, hey, "Does your pastor's wife wear turquoise nail polish?"

But then the comments were cracking me up and my pastor's wife friend in the next town over said she'd paint her nails turquoise and wear it to church if I would.  So I did.  And I wore my turquoise maxi dress to match.  First time in my life my dress and nails matched! =D

I know it's silly, but I'm thankful for ministry friends who would encourage me and remind me that it's not the end of the world to wear turquoise nail polish to church.  (Thanks M. Hooks...you're awesome!) =)
 This was a printable from a friend's blog last year and I was going to give ya'll the link but it is no longer available.  I want to make more of an effort to put God's Word in different places around our home.  This is just taped up inside a cupboard door!

And yes, He does make everything beautiful in His time, in His way.  But that's the key. We have to wait on Him.  His plan is so much better than anything you could imagine.  It might not always seem that way, but remember that He sees the big picture and He knows just what to "paint" next on the canvas of our lives. Have patience, friends...He knows what He's doing!

 We've had a lot of rainy days lately and the other day I shared some of the activities that we do to keep from going bonkers.  This week I introduced Lucy to the bean box...she LOVED it.  Definitely made a mess, but she had a blast. If you have littles, I encourage you to make one.  Just get a box and put dried beans in it.  Easy peasy. It's good for developing motor skills and just plain fun. =)
 I read aloud to them during school and they folded laundry.  That's what I call good management. ;)
 Lucy hates hairbows.  Wednesday night she took out her hairbow (again!) and then tried to put it in my hair.  She was giggling like crazy...silly girl!

 After our Wednesday night service when we were all hanging around and talking, we found out that one of the college girls in our church had never been to Krispy Kreme.  So we did what any good friend would do and said, "Okay, get your stuff...we're taking you!"  The "Hot Now" sign was even on when we got there.  It was amazing.  =D  And my kids had a blast watching the donuts being made!

Is it just me, or does a sandwich just seem more special when it's cut into triangles?  Pretty sure it's a scientific fact that it tastes better too. ;)
 This kid loves his baby sister...last night after dinner I glanced over and he was sharing his cookie with her.  And he does this all the time....such a sweet big brother.
 These boys...they are just plain crazy.  Last night they were running through the house playing cowboys and Caleb hollers, "There's a giant elk with diabetes and we have to kill it before it destroys the city!!!!"  Steven and I just about died laughing...when we could finally speak we said, "Caleb, did you mean rabies?"  And he goes, "Oh yeah, I get them confused!"  Definitely one of those "classic" moments!  Love these crazy boys. =)

Looking forward to time with my hubby and I'm sure I'll be sharing snippits of our day on instagrammy.  So what are you up to today?  Work? Laundry?  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love the "giant elk with diabetes" comment! Truly funny! LOL It reminds me of a time when a friend's younger brother said he wanted to be a spatula when he grew up. Puzzled, they asked what he meant, and he said, "You know, someone who never gets married - a spatula!" :)

  2. Have a great day with your hubby! We're off together today too (but our kids are older and all in school, so we get to sneak out for daytime dates on a regular basis. Today, we'll be grabbing breakfast, then watching "Lincoln", then grocery shopping, and family time tonight. Better get off this laptop and get ready! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

  3. Oh my word!!! A giant elk with Diabetes just made me cry from laughing so hard!!! BAHAHA! That is HIL...arious! Love it so! Thanks for sharing all these peeks into your life. Loved reading it.

  4. wouldn't happen to be a brasilian college student would it. :)


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