InstaFriday + Biltmore Estate

Last Thursday as hubby is walking out the door to work at 5:00am, he says, "Hey, why don't we go to Biltmore tomorrow.  See if you can find a babysitter." 

He is a lover of the spontaneous while I'm the OCDish planner.

"What? What was that again?

Seriously, it was more like 4:50am.  It wasn't computing.  But after the whole thing sunk in I was so excited!  I'm mellowing out in my old age and soon to be 11 years of marriage...I'm learning to like spontaneity.

But as the day progressed the babysitter thing didn't seem to be working out.  Well, fast forward to late afternoon and in a few minutes time the whole thing fell into place...a friend got a text saying she wasn't needed at work and then she asked me if she could babysit so we could have a day together.  I'm telling you, it was just a God thing.  He's good like that. =)

When we're together we act goofy. And weird.  Hope we don't scare you. (He was supposed to be driving...)

This place is so romantic...the cobblestone...all the history.  Biltmore Estate is one of my very favorite places! It wasn't busy so we got to spend a lot of time looking at everything, as well as talking with the staff.  They were eager to share stories and other information which made it even more fun.

The weather was super cold and it was snowing all. day. long.  Not pouring snow, but big, fat flakes drifting down.  It was lovely and perfect for staying snuggled close to my man. 

So glad my hubby asked me on this date. =)

On Saturday it was back to real life and I decided to get a head start on the weeks meals.  It has been SO nice this week to have had all the prep work done!
Yep, that's me.  Late at night.  In the bathroom. With the smoothie I had just made.  Didn't want to wake the kids with the noisy blender!  To fix my ice cream craving (that hit right in the middle of my Sunday School studying, gah!) I concocted a smoothie made with coconut milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, honey and cocoa powder.  Wowsers, it was amazing.  I am hereby and henceforth addicted.  And it's almost as good as ice cream. 

Every morning she wants me to take a picture to send to Daddy at work.  Love her fishy-kissy-face!
Hubby was inspired by a ceiling at Biltmore and created this decorative door sample.  His talent amazes me always, but this one really blew me away. It's made of two shapes, but the placement makes so many others.  Go ahead, keep staring and you'll see more.....
I need this. My kids need this.  And really don't we all?  We talk too much and don't listen enough.

This tiny kidlet of mine is killing me.  Her cuteness has every member of this family wrapped around her pinky.  And she knows it.

Many, many times a day she climbs on this little stool and says, "Tada!" and then proceeds to clap for herself.  LOVE her.
She's becoming an expert pillager and is just tall enough to reach the top of dressers, tables, etc.  Don't you love how they bring they pilfered item to you as if they were being a helper?  Cracks me up!

This is the newest face.  The "I'm being ornery" face.  It makes me laugh. Behind closed doors of course. {ahem}
Miss Lucy LOVES to clean.  She's actually kind of obsessed with it.  Give that girly a rag and she'll stay busy and out of trouble.  She darts around the house washing everything.  This is one toddler thing I hope she never grows out of!
Finally hung the bunting I made in the school room.  I had to strategically place it so the fan didn't whack it, haha!  To me, bunting just screams happy...and we always could use some more happy in the school room! ;)

So what are you up to this Friday, friends?  I'm prepping for a seminar I have to speak at tomorrow (gulp!!) and of course all the other weekend stuff, like church and teaching Sunday School and Children's Church.

Goodness, that's a lot of talking.  What was that I said about talking less??  Anyone want to teach and speak for me?



Have a great weekend ya'll!

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  1. I've never been to the Biltmore, but I'd like to! Your Lucy sounds like my Josiah. Love that age, but it sure keeps you busy! Your smoothie sounds so good--and making it in the bathroom so you don't wake the kids sounds like a plan to me!

  2. Cute! I need to make one of those smoothies you drank in your bathroom! ;) Loved the post. I like seeing your every day life although your school room is way too happy! ;) (just kidding!)


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