Valentine's Decor

Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal around here...did you know that February 14th is also Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day? (You can click on the link and read more about it!)  Our daughter Lydia has a "special heart",  so it's really fun to decorate and celebrate Valentine's Day as well as CHD Awareness Day.  It's a great reminder of how much we've been blessed to have her!

As usual, I just tried to reinvent what I already own and see what I could come up with for Valentine's Day.  No surprise I'm sure, but my turquoise mason jars are still living on my "fantel." (Faux+Mantel= Fantel) I finally removed the Christmas trees from them, even though I adored how it looked.(waaah!!) When I was thinking about my fantel, I remembered how that last year, Lindsay from the pleated poppy tied paper doilies on her mason jars and it was just too cute!  Hobby Lobby came to my rescue last week and I was able to find the white and red ones on sale for about $1 a package.  (There's 20 in each package so I have a bunch leftover!)  So yes, I was a BIG spender and forked out $2 for my Valentine's Day decor. ;)
The "amour" was also bought from Hobby Lobby on clearance for around $2 back in 2008.  I think perhaps I will give it a fresh coat of paint because the red is bit rustic looking.  I still like it though!  The red flowers have also been around here for quite a while...think I bought them back in 2008 as well.  

I grabbed some vintage hard cover Hardy Boy books from our school room to add some height to the mason jars.  Red hardcover with white pages and a white jacket...perfect!  Although now that I look at these pictures, I think I'll just go ahead and remove the white jacket.  =)

I made this yarn wreath last year for a spring wreath.  Works perfectly for Valentine's day! 
This hoop is sitting on the white dresser in our living room.  My hubby teases me about this one and calls it my "narcissistic" hoop.  But it's true, I do love us. =)  Crazy to think we've been an "us" for 13 years now!

 The scrabble tiles came out last Valentine's Day and have been out every since. It's fun making messages for each other! 
If I have a chance, I think I will use the rest of the paper hearts and make garland for the big chalkboard in the dining room...we'll see! =)

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?  And have you ever heard of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day? 


  1. I normally do the decorating for our church's Valentines banquet, and as I was preparing some things for the decor this year, I thought, "It would be fun to do a red and turquoise color scheme sometime." No lie! :) Yours looks great, and even though I had already picked up some different coloured things for this year's decor, I'm keeping it in mind for next year!


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