Yay!!....it's FRIDAY!!  Just recently my hubby started working 10 hour days (really 12 hours with the drive) so he can have Fridays off again.  I look forward to this day all week!  Today we're headed to Discovery Place Kids. (sssshhhhh!!  We haven't told the kiddos yet.)  =)  We were gifted with a pass to the Discovery Museums last year and we love going!

Here's a little glimpse into my week via phone pics and instagram (I'm @itsjustlaine)....

 Coconut Banana Bread with walnuts and lime glaze....it's amazing.  You NEED to try it!  Haven't made it in a long time and was better than I remembered. 
 I cannot wait to show you the results of this project!! =D  And yes, it's made out of a pallet.
 Homemade crockpot french onion soup in homemade bread bowls.  Wowza.  We all loved this!
 Lydia has been embroidering up a storm (like mother like daughter!)  She wants to open an etsy shop to raise money for missions...we'll see. ;)

 These two are from the nursery during missions conference. She's looking so much like a big girl!
 Another embroidery hoop. =)  Perfect for Valentine's day! 
 Grading and paperwork is not my favorite part of homeschooling.  But hey, it's a necessary evil.  But being locked in the school room on late nights is not so bad, it's such a happy little room. 
 Chicken, red potatoes and carrots in the crockpot...definitely one of the easiest recipes ever.  Throw it all in the crockpot, pour Italian dressing over it all and turn it on!
 We were walking out the door to church Wednesday night and realized we all had jean jackets on, even the doll!  Apparently we have a thing for them...but how can you not love a jean jacket?  Looks good with almost anything!
 Silly faces before bed. ;)
 Love what Lydia wrote on the chalkboard in the hallway for all of us, "This is my commandment that ye love one another that your joy may be full."  I know I need that reminder every day!
 I threw all my hoops on the back wall of the laundry room.  It was a last minute thing for something and I'm not sure if it'll stay that way.  What do you think?
 My breakfast yesterday...yogurt, strawberries, spinach, banana, ice and a smidge of milk.  Did you know you can make a single serve smoothie in a ball jar?  Yes.  It's life changing stuff, lol. =)
 The kiddos were all doing their devotion books for Wednesday night clubs together, it was so sweet.  They were teaching Levi his memory verse too. =)
 Sweetie pie =)

So what are ya'll up to on this sunny (but cold!) Friday?  Any great plans for the weekend!  Hope it's a great one for you!  =)  


  1. 1. lucy is way to cute!
    2. love follwing you on instagram. refrshing change.
    3. you look awesome before bed time.
    4. i catch up on blogs on weekend! (yay!)
    5. ur hubby works full time and pastor full time? (wow)

  2. Love your instagram Friday! looks like you had a fun week!

    love jean jackets too :)

  3. Love the hoops on the wall and the red chandelier is super cute! My hubs is a pastor, too, and I love our Mondays-his day off! So glad y'all are able to get Friday off. Also--your smoothie looks great--I just discovered Jay Robb Whey Protein powder (soy is not great for me too often). SOOOO good and pure--with Trader Joe's almond butter, half a banana, cocoa powder and a little ice and water (I don't even need sweetener because the whey has stevia in it)--so delicious! Also it seems like I read somewhere on your blog that you are in NC--which is where I am from, too! I grew up in Raleigh, went to UNC-CH and my mom & dad grew up in Raleigh, too. Great place to be-near mtns and beach! Blessings on you! Liz in PA


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