InstaFriday + Valentine's Recap

Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day! We had a GREAT day...the kids declared it the best Valentine's Day ever. =)  

Today we are off to the big city an hour away for Lydia's cardiologist appointment.  (She goes every 6 months or less.)  We may even hit up IKEA while were over that way...yay!!

If you're new around here, on Fridays I give a little family update via Instagram and phone pics.  (I'm @itsjustlaine) It's fun to look back and remember the little details!

This year I've had a lot of fun decorating for Valentine's Day.  And since it's Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, it's been even more fun to make a big deal of it in honor of our daughter. =)
 Doily bunting is the easiest bunting ever.  Just put some string in the holes and voila!  I'm telling you, these red and white doily hearts that I used on my mantel have been a wise $2 investment!!
Yep, this was my first try at any type of fancy chalkboard writing.  It makes me laugh.  I need to practice!! =D
Lucy decided to add her own little "flourish" to it. =)  She loves to draw on the chalkboard!
 Okay, so usually I'm not a "let's go get donuts!" kind of mom, but yesterday morning both of my girls had to get shots and I felt so bad for Lydia because she is REALLY tough when it comes to those types of things.  (To say she's been through a lot is an understatement!) But when she got one of her shots it burned really bad and she cried.  =(  We had to run a few errands after the shots and the last place we stopped was here.  They were so surprised...it was fun to be, well, FUN! =)

 For Valentine's dinner we had roast beef, mashed potatoes and cranberry feta chopped spinach salad.  Yummy!
 I had gum and Orange Crush at Steven's spot when he got home with little tags that said, "Orange you glad I have a CRUSH on you?" and "We were MINT to be!"  It was dorky but sweet and he loved it. =)
My Honey knows me so well....instead of flowers or chocolates, he brought me a card he made himself and sweets from a French bakery.  It was so thoughtful!  There was a  salted caramel brownie and it was incredible!

Dear Mothers of one year old's....don't be shocked when you're little cupcake doesn't act like one.  Usually it's because they need a nap. Or they are hungry.  Case in point...it was lunchtime and Lucy was tired and she was acting like a bear.  And not a sweet little teddy bear either, lol!  Fits and all, she's still the cutest little thing ever. ;)

 I made some tahini free hummus and wow, it's SO good.  Our whole family loves it.  Meant to share the recipe this week but it just didn't happen.  Hoping it will be up this coming week! 

 Miss Lucy is really into taking all the pots and pans out of the cupboard and "cooking" while I'm cooking.  She gives me a taste ever 10 seconds, it's adorable.  Then she runs around to everyone giving them bites also so they can squeal over how delicious her food is. =)

 All of my kids are bookworms and this one is no exception!  She'd rather sit and look at books than anything.

 Fruit salad.  I could eat it for every meal!  And the colors are gorgeous!

 Levi made this for Lucy this week!  I love that it has a pink puffy heart.  He understands girl language. =D

 Finally shared our pallet art on the blog this week.  I like it so much!  Very happy that we took the plunge and tried it!
 Yep, that's me on the way to church Sunday morning with a terrible sore throat.  I teach the women's Sunday School class and really didn't know if my voice would last. Praise the Lord, it did and I was able to get all the way through and wasn't even hoarse!
 These two are buddies. =)  I love watching their little friendship and love for each other grow as they do.  He holds her hand, shares his cracker, gives her a drink, lets her play with his toys...it's SO sweet. =)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!  See you back here on Monday, hopefully with that recipe for Tahini Free Hummus! 

So what are ya'll up to today?  Any great plans for the weekend?  Did you have a Happy Valentine's Day?

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  1. looks like you had a fun week! love your heart decorations and that hummus looks yummy!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  2. Is it terrible that out of all the cute pics on here...I really just want to comment on the food. ;) It all looks delicious and all the decor is so creative.

  3. You are so pretty!

  4. Cute decorations!

    Stopping by from Insta-Friday!

  5. Cute idea with the crush! The pastries look so yummy! I also love your cute art work! I'm visiting from insta- Friday- thanks!!! Happy Saturday!


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