InstaFriday + Cardiologist Update

Happy Friday!

On Fridays I usually give a little weekly recap sharing pics from my Instagram feed and phone.  You can find me on Instagram @itsjustlaine. 

As I mentioned last week, Lydia had her cardiologist appointment on Friday. And her heart looked great!  Even though she just has the left side of her heart, she is doing awesome.  They did however send us home with another 24 hour monitor so they could have a baseline reading of what her typical heart rate is during the day.  She has mild tachycardia and always has, but they wanted to see how her heart is reacting while she is running, riding her bike, sleeping, etc. (Kind of like a stress test!) We should hear something about that next week.

Before Lydia's appointment we went to a local nature museum and had a picnic.  It was such a lovely day and probably one of the most enjoyed family days ever!

So on Friday, my kids are feeding ducks and stuff, and then the next day it's snowing.  I'm telling you, this weather is crazy!
(My fav instagram pic from the week!)
My kiddos pray every single day for snow. They were jumping around all over the place hollering, "God answered our prayer!!!!"  =)  It was so beautiful while it lasted!

 This little sweetie is really into giving kisses right now.  She kisses her baby, her brother's dinosaur, the little cow in the play farm...oh, and she brings it to you to smooch too.  I absolutely love this age!  In that pic she's kissing her grape, haha!
 She does this face all the time to make us all laugh. Silly girl!
 My fav outfit currently...black maxi skirt (target clearance), striped shirt, jean jacket and scarf (all thrifted.)  I need to tell you the story about the night I bought that skirt.  It was eventful to say the least.  As in I was almost locked in a Goodwill.  Not even kidding.  (And why is my daughter the only one in the house with a full length mirror?  Need to remedy this situation...)

 I kind of went crazy tweaking a recipe and it turned out fabulous.  Don't you love it when that happens?  These were whole wheat and oat bran pancakes (no white flour at all) and were the perfect mix of thin, light and fluffy.  Hoping I can duplicate it and share the recipe because they were SO good.  We spread them with peanut butter and drizzled our stacks with maple syrup.  Yummy!
Yep, it's a heart made with bacon, haha! My hubby brought me this "breakfast in bed" yesterday morning at 5:00am before he left for work. (I'm usually always up with him but apparently I didn't budge with the alarm.)  I laughed so hard! Hearts made out of bacon is most definitely a man's love language!  What can I say, he loves me. ;)  

Perhaps I need to buy bacon more often if it means breakfast in bed....=D
Lucy LOVES being outside.  Several times a day she brings me her little galoshes asking to go out.  And goodness, I just can't stand the cuteness of the teensy rubber boots. It's killing me!

My tiny explorer was enamored with trees and leaves yesterday.  And dirt.  Quite sure the happiest kids are ones whose momma's let them have dirt under their fingernails. ;)

 So friends, what are you up to this Friday?  Did ya'll get snow this past week?  Any fun plans for your weekend?

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  1. I love your outfit!! And the weather was totally crazy around here, wasn't it? We didn't think we were going to get any snow and the Man and kids went to Lowes and ended up getting caught in the "thunder snow" storm. So weird! We had about 3 inches in 15 min. Fun times :)

  2. I don't know where you live, but I'm thinking it most be somewhere near me -- because my weather was EXACTLY the same. Beautiful, play outside day, on Friday. And super fun thunder snow storm on Saturday afternoon. We got like 3 inches!
    Also, I love those last two shots. SO cute!!

  3. Great pictures. I'm glad your daughter got a good report from the doctor. Funny thing, our only full length mirror is in the boys room! (used to be the girls room and never got moved). Have a great weekend.

  4. love the outfit and miss lucy is too caute!


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