11 Random Things About Me + InstaFriday

I'm always so happy when it's Friday, aren't you? Sometimes on Fridays I share a little recap of my week from my instagram feed (I'm itsjustlaine if you want to follow!) and phone pics. 

We had a fun family day last Friday and went to Discovery Place Kids museum.  On the way my hubby bought us a treat!  This is my favorite way to drink coffee...iced with blueberry flavoring, extra cream and no sugar.  SO yummy!  We had donut holes too, which I love.  I'd so much rather have all the flavors bite sized than eat an entire donut of just one flavor.  I could have eaten them all, but the box said to share.  Boo. =D

It's such a fun place, and the kids always have a blast.  Lucy got absolutely soaked in the water table.  Good thing I brought a change of clothes for her!

 Did you see my giant lightbulb?  My hubby gave it to me for our school room.  It's so nifty looking!

 Miss Lucy was caught red handed with pretzels she stole from the diaper bag.  Doesn't she look guilty?
 We eat a lot of yogurt around here...I make 2 quarts of it just about every Saturday.  It's good stuff!

 This little girl was zonked out during her Sunday afternoon nap!  It was so sweet to watch her sleeping. =)

If beds take up 75% of a room, and the bed is made, then my room automatically looks 75% better....right? ;)  This was what I was telling myself Monday morning since my house was a wreck. It's almost always a mess after Sundays!
 I'm glad she's not too old to dress up in a tutu. =)  They put on "shows" for us every so often and this was her costume.  Her hair was up in a braided bun and everything!
 We went to visit the horses that are across the road and they were ignoring us.  The boys kept calling them and trying to feed them. Cutest little cowpokes ever. =)

Added some flowers I made onto a plain black sweater and wore it to church Wednesday night.   I think I like it! One is houndstooth and the other is gray...hard to tell from this not-so-good picture.
Yesterday we drank a lot of tea, ate soup, and took lots of zinc and Vitamin C.  Trying to kick these colds!
Mr. Levi is really into putting on puppet shows these days.  He hasn't quite gotten the concept that only the puppet is supposed to be showing, haha!

Now for the scary part....last week I was tagged by Christa from Brown Sugar Toast for a little blog award and with some rules to tag others, answer more questions, etc.. I wasn't able to finish the rest of the rules, so I just decided to list 11 random things about myself. 

Try not to laugh too hard, okay? =D  Here goes....

1. I love baby toes. But especially when they’ve had their socks on all day and they smell slightly of salt and vinegar chips. It’s my favorite. (Call me weird, it’s okay.)

2. Oreos and orange juice are amazing together. Really. And no you don’t dunk them, you just take a bite of oreo and then a swig of o.j. To me it’s even better than oreos and milk. =)

3. I have been 5’ 10” and roughly the same weight (anywhere between 135-150) since I was 12 or 13. Yep, that will leave you scarred for life. I was like amazon woman compared to the rest of the kids my age and was made fun of SO badly. You just don’t fit in AT ALL when you are that, well, large. Being a girl in a woman-sized body was not easy.

4. Sometimes when I’m feeling ungrateful about my uber long-legged-ness, usually brought on by a trip to the dressing room and finding that yet another adorable dress or skirt is TOO short, I daydream about what it would be like to be short and petite. It has to be marvelous. But then when the short lady asks me to get something off of the top shelf at the grocery store, I remember that there are a few perks to have such long limbs. =)

5. I was a skinny teenager but insisted on drowning in XL (men’s) t-shirts. Don’t ask me. I still can’t explain that one.

6. I’ve eaten ants, dog and buffalo. (Eating ants was the cool thing to do as a kid in Puerto Rico. And no, I didn't eat dog on purpose.) But my ant eating career tragically came to an end when I accidentally ate a fire ant. It bit my tongue. =(

7. I hated pink as a child. And frilly socks. I would cry my eyes out when my mother made me wear them. I was the only girl in a family of 6 boys and my poor mother had hoped for a girly girl and I was a “tomboy” instead. But now I’m all grown up and definitely “girly” and love pink.

8. My parents gave me my first camera when I was 8. They created a monster.

9. I have to eat something almost as soon as I wake up in the morning or I feel really sick to my stomach. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.

10. For years I had a major crush on a professional baseball player named Brady Anderson (Baltimore Orioles).  But then I met my hubby. =)

11. I was emphatic that I would never marry a man shorter than I was. Thankfully my hubby is a full two inches taller so I could wear heels at my wedding. ;)

There you have it, more about me than you ever cared to know! HA!

So...can you identify with any of the random things?  Quick, what's just one random thing about yourself that you care to share?  

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  1. I love O.J. with pizza. My husband thinks that's crazy. Oh, and I thought I would grow up to marry a member of Duran Duran.

  2. lol. hilarious! i LOVE the smell of smoke/fire. reminds me of back home.

  3. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. I really like the flowers added to your sweater, looks nice. I also agree with the bed making thought process, because I tell myself the same thing.

    I can identify with the over sized men's clothing, as I did the same throughout high school.

    Weird thing about me, my fiancee says I laugh like the Pillsbury Dough Man ... for real.

  4. oreos and OJ?? hmmm.. I might have to take your word on that :)

    love your instaFriday posts :)

  5. I can definitely identify with the "tall kid". And to make things worse, even my mom and sisters were a half a head shorter than I! But then disaster came when I, as a tall, lanky 13 yr old, broke my glasses but couldn't see without them. The only pair of glasses in my aunt's office (she's an optometrist) that my lenses would stay in was a bulky clear plastic pair of Garfield glasses. No, they didn't have Garfield on them, but who cares? That was HUMILIATING! And I do believe my mom sent me into the store more times those seven days than I ever frequented the store in one week. : )

    I love the randomness, Laine! : )

  6. Haha, the long limbs DO have their perks! While we were in college Holly M. and I were always together, and I was the tall friend who did the reaching for her. Of course, it doesn't take much to be a "tall friend" to her. {wink!} Loved learning these things about you!


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