Change and That Thing You Said You'd Never Do

It's not naturally something we love, is it? 

When we hear "change", we normally thing of things like a new job, or moving...something BIG taking place.  

But what about those little changes?  Those intangible things going on in your heart and soul that you can't pinpoint quite yet?  

If you are a child of God, than slowly over time He chips away at those places in our lives, those imperfections from entering this world sin cursed.  His chisel being the Word of God and the trials of life sent to change us to be more like Him.  It can be painful.  Especially when He sees fit to knock out an ugly chunk all at once.

But I've learned something recently... it's not all like that.  Sometimes it's so slow...that shaping and smoothing, the growing and stretching of the inner man.  It's so gradual you don't even realize it's taking place.

Then one day we are faced with something, a challenge we said we'd NEVER take on, and yet, suddenly it doesn't seem so big anymore. In fact, it almost sounds enjoyable. What happened?  

It's change...the miracle of God working day in and day out in a believers soul to transform him into the person He created him to be.

I was a nine-year-old girl when I surrendered my life to the Lord for Him to do whatever with, whether it was to be a missionary, a pastor's wife, whatever.  I had already accepted Christ as my Savior, but I knew then that the Lord wanted me in full-time ministry.

I looked at what seemed to be that "distant, far off" thing for my life and was not really scared about it. But there was always this deep set fear of one aspect of it. Even as a 9 year old it was glaring at me...something that from my observation of missionary wives and pastor's wives was just something that "went with the territory" and that I just "knew" I'd have to do someday. 

And this fear never left me. It was always that "thing" in the back of my mind that made me sick to my stomach to think about.  I quietly begged God, "Please don't EVER make me do that!"

What is this awful thing I've been forever terrified about? 

I've been scared silly at the thought of teaching women.  I had always told my hubby that I was never going to be "Miss Speaker" and that part of ministry was just not for me.  I was happy being the "behind the scenes" type of gal.  I will happily choose the toilet brush over the microphone any day! 

In fact, four years ago when my husband was asked to be the pastor of the church we're at now, I said, "Okay, as long as you don't make me teach Sunday School or speak at a Ladies' Meeting or anything like that!"  And he just chuckled at me and said he wouldn't. He's sweet and patient like that. =)

Well, fast forward to this past October (2012) and we're talking about church stuff and I about gave my husband the shock of a lifetime.  I VOLUNTEERED to teach a Women's Sunday School Class.  "What had I just said?  Was I actually serious about this?"  I was.

And that my friends is just evidence that God changes people. God changed ME. Suddenly I wanted to do this thing I said I would never do. I've been teaching for three weeks now and although it's difficult, I've enjoyed it. How is that possible?

As I've been thinking on this lately, the truth of 1 Thessalonians 5:24 has hit me like never before. "Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it." 

Don't fret yourself about the future and what you may have to do some day, okay?  Instead, just stay focused on doing God's will for you today. And over time as you immerse yourself in the Word of God, the Lord uses it to change you to look more and more like Himself.  Your desires will become His desires. You'll want to do that thing you said you wouldn't (or couldn't!), simply because He wants you to do it.  

It's a wonderful thing to know that our Saviour doesn't just leave us the same, isn't it?  Truly, every change God makes in my life is an improvement! =)

Hope you all have a happy Thursday...thanks for letting my share my heart today!


  1. I've seen God do this over and over in my life. I'm a 'behind the scenes' person too (an introvert) and yet because I'm a pastor's wife, every week I do several things that used to terrorize me. I look back amazed at how God has gradually turned that fear into a desire to do the very things I avoided. And I'm so very thankful for His grace. I truly know it is NOT me!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That has been my favorite quote, and I've thought about it a lot over the years. The first time I heard Pastor say it was during one of those BIG changes in my life. It's really amazing to me to look back and see how God has done major renovation in such an almost imperceptible way. . . but He has! And it's funny how one of those had to do with the very same thing! Only I was terrified to teach even the littles. Help anybody any day, but NOT teach! But now, that is the very thing that I MOST love to do! . . . teach the littles, that is. : ) Still terrified of the big 'uns! : ) Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

  3. I still get the shakes-in my knees and my voice-over stepping up in front of people and leading a ladies meeting. I'll probably never get over that... which is actually a good thing since it reminds me that I need God in order to speak to ladies every. single. time. It's not me; it's Him.

    May God bless you and your new class. Thanks for sharing, Laine.

  4. You are so right! The longer you live, the more you will be amazed at how far God has brought you and changed you one step at a time. I am so proud of you, Laine! Keep letting Him mold you into the woman He wants you to be!

  5. Laine,
    I just wanted you to know this post was such an encouragement to me. I would prefer behind the scenes cleaning anyday to public ministry. But it is such a blessing when the Lord will use us inspite of our weaknesses (public speaking is definitely a weakness of mine). But God is Faithful,and I am thankful for the changes He brings about in our lives. I love that quote by Dr. Surrett.


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