A Little Update After One of "Those" Weeks

Last Sunday night I was excited.
The holidays were officially over and I had BIG plans for the week.
School was starting back and we were going to be back in our "normal" routine.  

I was up a bit late getting some last minute school things in order when my hubby and I got a little knock on our door from our 9 year old...

"Mommy...Daddy....I just threw up...in the living room."


It was EVERYWHERE.  I'm not sure I've seen anything splatter that distance before.  
It was on the slipcover. The rug. The pillows. 

We got her situated on the couch with a bucket and then began the clean up. {shudder}  

After everything was properly cleaned and sanitized, we encouraged Lydia to be sure to run to the bathroom in case she felt like she needed to throw up again. That's when she laid the next bomb on us.

"Well, I did throw up in the bathroom first..."
"Oh, good!  Yes, the potty is the best place!"
"Um, I didn't throw up in the potty..."

Yep, you guessed it, clean up on aisle 7! GAH!

Thankfully even though she threw up all.night.long Sunday night, by Monday afternoon she was feeling a bit better.  She had a stomach ache and not much of an appetite the rest of the week, but I'm so glad there were no more midnight living room and bathroom cleanings, lol!

As the week progressed I kept thinking someone else would begin with the stomach bug anytime but nobody did, yay!  So thankful that for once the germs weren't shared!

On Thursday we headed down to the Children's hospital for Caleb to have surgery.  It wasn't anything major, but did require being under general anesthesia.  When he had pneumonia back in the Fall we became aware of a problem he had that was a result of his prematurity.  It could have caused some major issues through the years and never did...praise the Lord!

Caleb wanted to wear his coonskin cap to the hospital and everyone was loving it. =)  He did great with surgery, had no problems with anesthesia and is recovering very well!

This picture makes me laugh....this little girl is a mess!  Right now she is really into making this silly "cheese" face where she scrunches up her nose and smiles.   

Just so you know, if you open your eyes and look at her during prayer, this is the face she'll make at you.  And you will laugh, and your cover will be blown.  Not that I would know or anything. {wink:wink} =D

This is a little random, but last week I discovered a new way to make popcorn and it's AMAZING.  Stove popped with coconut oil and sea salt.  Wowsers. I only made it 4 times last week. {blush} Gonna have to give ya'll the recipe soon.

Moral of the story....when you're having a crazy week, eat lotsa popcorn and get your baby to smile a lot.  It makes everything better! =D

Seriously though, even though the week didn't go as I "planned", there were so many blessings in it.   God is so good!  Looking forward to this week though and hoping it's a bit smoother than last week. 

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Monday!

Have you had any "bugs" hit your house lately?  Are ya'll back in the "normal" routine after the holidays?


  1. Man that junk is going around! So glad it was just one! We've been spared all 5 years that we've had kids. Not sure how ill handle clean up if we ever aren't so lucky!

    We started school back lightly last week and are hitting full force today. If I can get myself to get moving soon!

  2. Poor Lydia! We are still fighting the respiratory junk that we had at Christmas. No stomach bugs though - Hallelujah! Love your kiddos! No matter what's going on, they are always smiling. Give them all hugs for me!



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