Your Favorite Posts of 2012

Hard to believe that tomorrow we begin 2013, isn't it?  Wow!  I had fun looking back through the posts of this past year and decided to recap your favorites of 2012.  Based on traffic, these are definitely the most popular of this past year!  

 1 minute cupcakes....it's no wonder you all liked this one.  It's great to be able serve up dessert in just 60 seconds!  

 Fruity playdough is awesome, just ask any kiddo in this household!  You momma's will love this.  Promise. ;)
DIY Canvas Art is so easy to make and there are so many possibilities!

Mmmm....Cranberry Feta Chopped Salad....one of my very favorite foods!  This impressive salad is simply scrumptious and a breeze to make.  And don't forget the easy-peasy crescent rolls that go with it!

Do you have a pair of super comfy shoes that are all scuffed up?  Then you have the perfect candidate!  Grab a bottle of acrylic paint from the craft store and try out a Thrifty Shoe Makeover!

I can't say enough about this.  Try it.  And attempt to not be addicted.  This iced coffee is SO good.  And way too easy...hence the addiction problem, lol. 

Speaking of addictions...do you love those little bottles of foaming handsoap?  Did you know you can make it yourself for just pennies? Foaming Hand Soap makes me feel all fancy to have in the bathrooms.  I know.  I'm dorky. =D

This year I finally shared how we made our GIANT chalkboard for our dining room.  Oh, and it only cost $8! 

Sometimes you see something you know you could never afford and then recreate it on the cheap and love it even more.  Case in point...these Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree Jars.  I totally adore them. If they are still up in the summer don't be surprised, okay? =)

And last, but certainly not least, the Headband Curls!  I had NO idea when I took those crazy pictures of myself doing this that it would be so popular. So many of you have tried it and love it.  If you are looking for a way to curl your hair without frying it, then this is for you!

 I also just want to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you for reading, and for your sweet comments and emails that so often encourage me.  Without your feedback and support I probably would have quit blogging long ago!  Life is a beautiful gift, and I hope to keep sharing ours through my lens and writing. 

Well friends, I Hope you have a wonderful last day of 2012!  We are having a New Year's Eve Party at our home tonight with lots of friends and yummy food...it's going to be a blast!  See you back here in the New Year!

What was your favorite post this year?  Are you doing anything fun tonight to ring in the New Year?

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  1. you had some great projects in 2012! and some exciting things on the horizon for 2013!! :)

    forgot about your DIY canvas art - need to do some of those this year :)

  2. Thanks for all the great projects. One of my sons and I made the Anthropologie-inspired jars-so fun and so cute! I also tried the headband curls-how fantastic! Thanks for the great inspiration. You have a great blog! Blessings to you! Liz In PA (I am also a pastor's wife :) )


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