Holiday Mantel 2012

Decorating the top of my piano, which I call my "fantel" (faux+mantel= Fantel), is so much fun every year.  It's very different than last year, but I am loving it!

 This little owl that I found on clearance at Kohls looked a bit chilly, so I gave him a red scarf.  And we all love scarves don't we? =)

The scrabble tiles stay out year round, either on the entry way dresser or on the side table.  It's fun to put seasonal words there. Plus my kids (and hubby!) find it quite amusing to mix up the letters and make crazy words!=D

The white clay pots were yard sale finds this fall and the holly is from our bushes.  Free greenery is the way to go!  It's a bit prickly but the look it gives is well worth a few cuts!

My absolute favorite part about this mantel is the Anthropologie inspired Christmas Tree Jars that I made.  LOVE them. =)

Do you have a "mantel" or a "fantel" that you decorate for the holidays?  What is your favorite decoration this year?

P.S.  I hope you're enjoying our series "A Homemade Christmas!" Today Christina has something great to share so I hope you'll go check it out!

The Lettered Cottage
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  1. The top of my piano is my fantel too. :) I really enjoy changing it out for different seasons. Yours is beautiful, and could even pass for being up all winter since it has 'snowy' colours!

  2. I have a mantle for the first time again in a couple of years, so I had a lot of fun decorating it this year.

    I really like your display here :) Lots of great ideas!

  3. Totally have two "fantles" in the house. Love that word! :) Your anthro jars look awesome. Somehow everything looks fantastic inside a mason jar, doesn't it? Visiting from TLC today. :)

  4. What a fun fantel! I love the mason jars - super pretty!

  5. where did you get your mirror from?

  6. I love the piano 'mantel', beautiful.

  7. Love your mantel - especially the red scarf on the owl, too cute :) Might have to do that for my owl for winter/January :) maybe it will actually be cold enough for scarfs then - LOL!

  8. I use the top of my piano as my mantle too! This year my favourite decoration is either the olive wood nativity set my parents sent to me (which I originally bought in Israel-Palestine for them!) or my peace lily plant hung with mini Christmas balls. I can't decide :)


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