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"It's the most wonderful time of the year".....that tune is always running through my mind at Christmas!  We all love the Christmas season, the hot chocolate, cookies, Christmas movies, and turning all the lights down and sitting around with just the Christmas lights twinkling.  With the cold(er) temperatures, getting cozy is always nice, but giving back this time of year is what is really important.  

I'm so thrilled that Better Homes and Gardens asked me to team with them in celebration of their new line of throws and blankets and to share the Get Cozy, Give Back Photo Contest for Charity.
 Around our home, blankets and throws are well loved!  This one especially has earned the title of "favorite" right now!  It is SO soft and cozy, I just can't get over it.  My kiddos especially love it and have been known to fight over it. {ahem}  Whenever school is over, it's a common sight to see one of them curled up in this chair with a book and snuggled in with this beautiful blanket. 

As I was browsing the blankets at Walmart, I at first had a solid color blanket in my buggy.  But then I saw this one.  I was stunned....look how closely it matches my pillows!  How often does that happen?  The prints they have in this Better Homes and Gardens Sherpa Throw are beautiful!  This one is the "Manta" print.

While I really like this blanket, the main reason I'm so excited is because it gives us all a chance to not only Get Cozy, but to Give Back as well.  What do you have to do to help?  Simply share with Better Homes and Gardens how you get cozy!
It's free to enter, just go to the Better Homes and Gardens Live Better Facebook Page and upload a picture of a family member (or members!) snuggling up with a cozy blanket or throw. For every 250 pictures entered, a $500 giftcard will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network, up to $2,000!  
Not only that, the top 5 photos will have 15 Royal Plush blankets donated in their name to their local Children's Hospital.  That is the part I'm so excited about.  WE have a chance to be a blessing to families in the hospital.  And we know how that feels, because we've been that family. 

 If you've been around this blog for a little while, you know that our two oldest children have spent a good bit of time in our Children's Hospital!  Our daughter Lydia was born with three complex heart defects and has had three open hear surgeries, three heart catheterization procedures, as well as many different tests there.  Then our son Caleb was born at 28 weeks, weighing in at 1lb. 15oz. and spent 10 weeks in the NICU.  

All together we've spent about 150 days in the Children's Hospital, and after all that has been done for us, we would love to have a small part in helping families who will be there for the holidays.  I can speak from experience that getting a blanket during your stay is really special and I'm excited that some families will receive one!
This photo below will be our first submission to be entered into the Get Cozy, Give Back Better Homes and Gardens Photo Contest and I hope you'll go and vote for it.  Each family can submit one photo per day!

By the way, Levi loves to crawl in my bed in the morning with this blanket.  It's seriously perfect for snuggling. =)
I hope you'll take a minute and join the fun!  Remember, the more people who participate and upload a picture, the larger the contribution will be to the Children's Miracle Network. The Get Cozy, Give Back photo contest for charity is open until December 18th.

Thank you Better Homes and Gardens for giving us this wonderful opportunity to Get Cozy and Give Back! 
If you're interested, you can check out their full line of Better Homes and Gardens products, available exclusively at Walmart. 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  And don't forget to go vote for our photo! =)  Go here, click the "View Photo Gallery" tab, and if you don't see it, click the "Most Recent" tab and it should be in the first few. We would love to win and have some blankets donated! Thanks for your help!  =)


  1. I've had that same blanket for about a month now, it had me at hello! Love the colors and this sharing project that you're helping with.

  2. Wow, that blanket is almost a complete match to your pillow! I don't think I have seen that print in our stores. Such cute pictures and glad you can help get blankets donated to such a worthy cause.


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