DIY: Embroidery Hoop State Love Art

Have you been enjoying this series? I know I definitely have!   Heather started out the week with delicious looking cinnamon rolls, Christina shared her amazing vintage music page wreath, and Christa reminded us how simple and sweet a gift in a jar can be.  At the bottom of this post there are thumbnails and links to all of the projects....I hope you'll visit around and check out the great things they have shared!

Every since I found that mound of embroidery hoops at a yard sale, I've been stretching my creative muscles to fill them with unique art.  Inspired by something I saw on etsy, I decided to make this Embroidery Hoop State Love Art.  I cut out the outline of our state of North Carolina, stitched it to the fabric, and then personalized it by adding a little heart for where we live.  

This project is extremely simple, something even a child could easily make!  Because many of my friends adore handmade art, I'm whipping up a few of these for Christmas.  You could make one for:
  • a college student living in a dorm to remind them of home
  • newlyweds with their honeymoon location on it
  • a house warming gift
  • grandparents 
  • a reminder of your childhood home
And those are just a few of the ideas!

This is a very inexpensive project (great for using up scraps), but is so thoughtful and personal!  Here's what you need to make this project:
  • embroidery hoop (this one is an 8")
  • fabric
  • felt for the state (or country!)
  • felt for the heart
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery needles

Step 1:  Do a Google images search for a picture of the outline of your state.  You can either save it as a jpeg and shrink it in a photo editing program, or you can print it and reduce or enlarge the size on a copier.  (This is what I did.)  After it's printed, just place your embroidery hoop over it to see how it will look.

 Step 2:  Iron your fabric, put it in the embroidery hoop and trim around it.

Step 3:  Cut out your state outline, pin it to the felt and cut it out.  I used my smallest scissors so I could get the little details. Then pin your felt state onto the fabric.

 Step 4: Cut a length of coordinating embroidery floss using all 6 strands of embroidery floss.  (Basically, don't take the floss apart, just keep it like it is when you buy it.) Tie a knot at the bottom so it doesn't come apart.  Then thread your needle, it's a little tricky, but you can do it! =)  Around the edge of the state, sew little stitches that look like dashes.  You can either draw the dashes with a washable fabric pen, or just eye-ball it.  For something like this, I prefer to just eyeball it. I like the quirky, imperfect look. =)
 When you're finished, be sure to knot the end of the thread, and then knot the beginning and ending threads together.
 Step 5:  Cut out a tiny heart from felt and then stitch in the desired location.

 You are finished!  Well, almost!

Step 6: I don't have a picture of this, but pull your fabric nice and taut (make sure it's positioned correctly), tighten the hoop and then trim your fabric super close around the edge of the hoop in the back.  There are so many different ways to finish the back, but this is what I chose.  It's quick and easy and I like easy! =D

Now you can hang it on your wall, or wrap it up and give it as a gift.  Personalized, handmade gifts are my absolute favorite!

Are you working on any handmade gifts this Christmas?  Have you fallen in love with embroidery hoop art like I have?

See you back here tomorrow with a neat way you can help our family be a blessing to our local children's hospital. Can't wait to tell you about it!

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  1. so cute, Laine! love how personalized it is. this would be a great thing to add to a gallery wall!!

  2. Love it, Laine. I agree with Christa- it would be adorable on a gallery wall. Love the cheery colors that you used as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it! I've been meaning to make a 'state art' for a while, too. I didn't know you are from NC- I live in Hillsborough, but my in-laws are in Hickory (which I think is where you put your heart??). I LOVE it when I discover that a blogger I follow is local, it makes things feel so much more real!

  4. Hi, saw this on Nesting Place! I live in NC also (Raleigh) and I love this - so cute. I'm going to have to make one myself using my grandmother's old hoops that I have.

  5. I LOVE this project so much! In fact, I'm thinking this has to be one of my projects for the weekend. Just so thoughtful for a gift.

    Thank you for the idea. Stopping over from Serenity Now!

  6. Oh this is darling! Really great idea--thank you! :-)

  7. Nice, what a clever idea! I am enjoying the series that ya'll are doing and look forward to each project.

  8. You know when you see something and just love it...well this fits that bill! I would love to try this, thank you for the inspiration!


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