DIY: Anthropologie inspired Christmas Tree Jars

It all started when I was browsing Pinterest and saw these from Anthropologie.....

But imagine my shock when I saw the price tag. $40.00?!  What?!  That, my friends, is craziness. 

I loved the look though so I decided instead of snow globes, to just make Christmas Trees in Jars. To make these, you will need:
  • mason jars
  • bottle brush trees
  • epsom salt

After a good bit of searching, I finally found these trees at Michael's.  (They were with the snow village houses and things.)  This package has 21 trees, ranging in sizes from x-large to itty-bitty.  Originally they were $21.99, but with a 50% off coupon plus my 20% off teachers discount (a perk of being a homeschool mom!), I was able to snag these for about $9.00.  Not too bad since a friend told me that they were sold individually at A.C.Moore for about $1.30 a piece!

For jars, I decided to use an assortment of my oh-so-loved turquoise mason jars. They are just so pretty!  And thankfully I already had some epsom salt stored with my Christmas decorations.  You can find this in the first-aid section at Walmart or just about any pharmacy or grocery store.

 Making these are pretty quick and simple.  First put a tree (or trees!) down in your jar.  I put tiny trees in some of them and used a fork to lower it in there.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! =)

 Next, take a scoop of epsom salt and pour it in there.....
 and voila!  You have a little winter wonderland in a jar. Beautiful! 

When I was searching for trees at Hobby Lobby, I came across this little package of deer in the dollhouse section.  I thought they were adorable!
 These were a little tricky to add to the big jars (that fork really came in handy, lol!) but I'm loving the way it turned out!
 This project doesn't have to just be made in jars.  You could use some little cloches....
 or even a cookie jar!

 I made one in a thrifted cloche but then I decided it needed a tiny deer.  Doesn't the adorable little deer just add so much?  I love it!!
Perhaps I will paint the nose red. Yes? =D

So there you have it, Anthropologie-esque decor on a dime! When you see something you just love, don't despair about the huge price tag...with a little creativity, you can probably make your own "knock-off" version for a fraction of the cost.  I used them to decorate my Holiday Mantel and it makes me smile every time I look at them!  

That and the deer.  Seriously, you need some.  The cuteness factor is killing me over here. =)

Have you done any "knock-off'" projects in your home?  Is there something out there that you love and want to DIY?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Love it, Laine!!! What a great idea for a DIY Christmas gift...especially if my kiddos helped me make it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous, Laine. I need some vintage mason jars for sure now. I agree, the deer were an absolute must! lol! Thanks for sharing and also for the shout-out for me today. ;)

  3. I love this! Thank you for the great inspiration!

  4. I like it and I may try my hand at that!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I've been pricing those trees and you got a great deal! $1 for two at $$ Tree (one tall, one short tree) but you know, $$ Tree quality...and $10 bucks for 12 at Wal-Mart. They are individually priced at $1 for the tall trees and .75 for the small ones.

    Anyway, will probably end up doing this next paycheck time but will go to Michael's with a coupon like you did! Gotta get Rudolph too...too cute!

  6. these are beautiful and amazing!! might have to watch for the brush trees on clearance this year to do for next year (running out of time this Christmas). They are so pretty! Great job, Laine!

    And I love the little deer too! :)

  7. LOVE these! I made some very similar ones this year, but love your jars! And the deer! I looked and looked but now I know where to find them! Amanda

  8. Perfect! They turned out beautiful! I've done something similar, but made them snow globes in mason jars, I love this effect.
    Saw you sharing at Weekend Bloggy Reading.
    Debbie :)

  9. Great idea, that looks amazing! I would never spend $40 on that at any store but I think it would be fun to make at home and that's a great way to save money.

  10. This is lovely! And what a fun project to get together with your friends and make. I posted today about some healthy alternatives to a cookie exchange and this would be a PERFECT craft!

  11. I like yours better than the Anthropology ones!

  12. I agree. There's is regular old mason jars and not very clear. Yours are easier to see- and easier to do than trying to put the snow in on the lid of a mason jar! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. These are gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I signed up for Michaels online and I wanted to know do you get a coupon or a memebership card stating being a homeschool parent to get the discount. Thanks

  15. Did you attach them with anything or just set them in there?

  16. well these are stinkin awesome. i better get started for next year!!! lol.

  17. Hello! I was searching for mini composition books and found your blog! You have so many nice ideas. Thank you for sharing, and I totally agree with you about the pricing in many shops. I have also done these trees, but added Martha Stewart silver and large cut glitter to the trees instead of the Epsom salts. I also do not have your lovely green jars. What a treasure. This week my class is going to make (I teach 4th grade) small composition books covered in? ? Whatever they craft. I have paper, tissue, fabric, foam, and other items for them to use, and of course glitter! Thank you again, I love new ideas.

  18. I made these tonight. I had two turquoise jars available (the rest are full of dehydrated fruits and trail mixes), so I have those two in my kitchen. I used five clear glass jars for a grouping in my living room. JoAnn's had the trees - a pack of 10 or so that were 60% off...about $7. Not as good a price as you got, but there were fewer of the really big ones that won't fit any of my jars, so it worked out. Hobby Lobby was all out of the reindeer packs, but they had white snow hares and an assortment of birds, so my daughter and I got a package of each. We may even return for some deer later on. Thanks for the inspiration!


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