The School Room: Before and After

When we bought this foreclosed house back in 2009, this is what our now "School Room" looked like. It was filthy, had disgusting carpet, the walls were full of nail holes and even had pretty little sticker collages like the one in the middle picture.  Precious, huh?  

After a lot of hard work, this is what it looks like today.....

It's changed a bit since I gave you a little "unofficial tour" a few months ago....

Love this happy little area...the ABC quilt my mother stitched while pregnant with me, our vintage school supply box, and the used-to-be-white-lamp that I stole from the living room when I bought the red one.   Oh, and all on top of a $3 yard sale dresser. =)

 The Pepsi crate, camera and globe are all vintage and found at yard sales.  Love them!

I made simple curtain panels with grey chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby.  Gotta love those 40% off coupons! The bunting strung in front of the window I made for Lucy's birthday from scraps from her quilt. (More coming on that another time!) It just adds so much and makes the room look so cheerful. 
The kiddos are loving the crayon jar in the  middle of the table.  The crayons used to be in the supply box but it just made more sense to have them portable.  And it just looks so inviting, don't you think?  Want to come over and color? =)

The right side of the room is "Command Central" with the workboxes, printer/copier, and all of the other books.  I've said it so many times on here, but I can't tell you the difference using the workbox system has made in our homeschool.  SO thankful my hubby built this for me!

This little retro/vintage style kitchen keeps Lucy pretty happy while we have school.  It was gifted to my kiddos from their grandma and I think it's from Target.  We do have the felt food, pots and pans and cooking utensils from IKEA.

 In the morning the sunshine just pours in the windows and it's such a happy place.  I'm so thankful for our little school room!

If you have any questions about anything in this room, leave me a comment or email me and I'll be glad to answer!

On another note, don't forget that this week begins "A Homemade Christmas" series!  

Yesterday Christa  had a beautiful pinecone project that is so simple, and today Heather is sharing her Poinsetta Pillow that looks just like it came from Pottery Barn!  Christina is up tomorrow, and Thursday we'll be back here!  Stay tuned!


  1. Gorgeous, girl! Makes me want to get a move on with our family room/school room. Can't wait. Hope that it turns out as beautiful and happy as your room. ;) Great job!!!

  2. You were so brave to buy a house that looked like THAT! =) Love this space...almost makes me wish I was a child being homeschooled again! Ok, maybe not quite... but your kids sure are lucky to have this room!

  3. You all are so organized Laine :) Love it :)Ahnah Hager

  4. What is the paint color on the walls in this adorable room? I love how clean and bright it looks!

  5. What is the color on the walls in this adorable room? I love how clean and bright it looks.

  6. Sarah, the color is Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. =) It is a beautiful color!

  7. What a great room! I have that same quilt; my grandmothermade it while my mother was pregnant with me.

  8. What a great room! I have that same quilt; my grandmother made it while my mother was pregnant with me.

  9. Laine,
    Your homeschool is wonderful! I love it! You are so lucky to have a room you can dedicate for homeschool and play! How did you make, or where did you find, the chalk board hanging behind the little kitchen and the alphabet cards at the top of the room? Also - do you have a section within your website where you discuss what curricula you use for your kids? I have an 8-year old going into 3rd and a toddler who will turn 2 in July. I believe we are going to give the whole homeschool thing I try - although I am completely terrified...!
    Thanks! Blessings to you and your family.


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