My Journey to the Dark Side

For over 10 years I had just a basic cell phone.  And not until last year did I even have text messaging. {gasp}  My hubby had a smart phone and after multiple times of trying to use it and being pretty unsuccessful, I decided I NEVER wanted one.  No siree, I was quite content with pushing buttons instead of dealing with that finecky swipe screen.

But then I saw something that made me begin to change my mind.  Instagram.  Yep, seeing that all over facebook began to change my mind.  

Finally I told my hubby, "Honey, if I was ever to have a smartphone, the only reason is so I could have Instagram."

He laughed.  Really hard.  But hey, it was the honest truth!

Our cell phone plan was up for renewal in October and for months (and I do mean MONTHS!) my hubby had been driving me crazy researching the many options for a cheaper plan.  We both needed new phones since ours were cracked, scratched, and on the verge of kicking the bucket. 

On Saturday, about two weeks ago, I'm was out running some errands and I checked my phone and realized I had 4 missed calls from my hubby and a text that just says, "Call me."  

Ladies, if you got that, would you be freaking out? Perhaps just a little? My first thought was, "Oh. my. goodness.  He's been stung by a bee and he was trying to reach me before he passed out!!"  

I immediately tried to call him back and guess what?  My phone wouldn't work!!!  I got this recording saying that my phone no longer had service.  WHAT?  I had literally just spoken to my husband not 20 minutes before telling him I was headed to the grocery store!!  

So as I was trying not to panic I told my children that we were going to just try and find the nearest pay phone.  Which was quite funny because they were scratching their heads going, "What's a pay phone?!?"  LOL  Well, the grocery store didn't have one.  (I really haven't been very observant, do they even have pay phones anymore??)

Anyways, as I was standing in the grocery store, I turned to look at something and there was my hubby walking up the aisle.  While I stood there too shocked to even say, "Hi!", he pulled out of his pocket an iPhone. What?!  Then I was REALLY shocked!

Apparently he was trying to surprise me and his "Call me" text message and phone calls were to tell me that they were turning off my phone because they were turning on the new one. 

Ya'll may think I'm a terrible wife, but I have to confess to giving him a little bit of a lecture on "How to not give your wife a heart attack."  Goodness!

So yes, I've made my journey to the dark side and now have a smart phone, and not just any smart phone, an iPhone. (I watched too much Star Wars growing up, okay?) =)

I seriously thought I would just tolerate it so I could have Instagram, but I LOVE it. Instagram now just seems like a happy bonus! 

I've actually even joined Twitter?! Aren't you proud?! =)  If you look over there to the right on the sidebar, there's a little "Follow" button.

And guess what else is new?!  There's even a "Pin it" button at the bottom of all the posts to make it easy for you to pin things to the all-wonderful-Pinterest.

See what having a smartphone has done to me?  I'm getting all high-tech. =D

Today I thought I'd share a few of my Instagram pics from this week.  I'm "itsjustlaine" on Instagram if you'd like to follow me.  I'm "itsjustlaine" on Twitter too.  Clears up the name problem and makes it's easy for you. =D  (Seriously, you just don't know how many times a week I have to clarify my name by saying "No, it's just Laine."  Maybe I should just start wearing a name tag or tattoo it on my forehead.  (kidding, kidding)

{To all of you future mothers out there...name your child some easy, okay?  And with a "normal" spelling.  It will save them a lot of grief, lol. =P }

Sunrise over the horse pasture

Sick kiddos and all their meds =( 

 Sleepy snuggles before bed =)

 Pumpkin Spice granola and coupon clipping

 Favorite dress and shoes

 Funniest illustration for a children's ABC book EVER
"unusual underwear"
SO hilarious. 
(Found it in a vintage board book)

 Yarn covered lampshade experiment in the school room

 Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

Hubby left this on the board for us before leaving for work after hearing the results of the election

 Sweet little reading buddies =)

Now I have to know...do you have a smartphone?  Do you love it?  Were you like me and thought you'd NEVER like one?  How about Instagram and Twitter?  Have you joined the fun? =D


  1. Nope. I actually didn't have a cell phone until the year before last. (Hubs wanted me to have one in time for our son's coming birth. Knowing how quickly our babies pop out, he knew that I might need it. lol!) We just renewed my flip phone(basic old school)in October with a Samsung Brightside and unlimited texting for me. I just happy to text now.
    I've been on twitter for a while, but I'm still getting the swing of tweeting. ;)

  2. Love your husband's verse! That was a hard morning for us, too.

  3. I don't have a smartphone because I can just picture The Emperor sitting there stroking one and saying with his raspy voice,"you want...THIS"! I DO want one. I have to admit that I don't even know what instagram is, but now I have to know. HAVE. TO. I have to know because if you love it than I think I will love it. I just found your blog today and I feel like I'm meeting a kindred friend via technology (isn't it just weird?) I love refurbishing furniture, homeschooling four kids, and being married to a religious educator. He's not a pastor, but he is...sort of a pastor. He used to teach religious classes to youth and is now employed by teaching other religious educators of youth, how to teach. I hope that makes sense. We also have some medical issues that keep us humble and teach us how wonderful God is. When I read your husbands reply to you after his allergic reaction, "Do you just want me to be healed, or are you willing to let God use this to teach us to trust him more?", I just felt that prick in my heart that I need to view our own scary medical issues in a different light. Mabye I won't be so obsessed with trying to find a cure for everything and trust God a little more. Thanks for your incredible faith and all the hard work you put into teaching your children. You've inspired me multiple times today!

  4. Love Instagram too (if I could only get it to connect to my blog facebook page). Happy to follow you on there.

    LOVE my smartphone too :) Didn't think we would get on either but it was reasonably priced with Spring. Don't know that we will ever by iPhone people but I love my android! :)

  5. goodness - with "Sprint" and that we will ever "be" iPhone people.

    Last time I try to type with my cat in my lap :)

  6. That's so funny! My husband did the same thing except my first thought was, "I bet he forgot to pay the cell phone bill!" I was totally surprised when I found out the real reason my phone wouldn't work!


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