Fun in the Leaves and Some Family Pics

Two weeks ago, all of the trees around our home looked so beautiful with their fall colors so we did a little impromptu family photo shoot, complete with the tripod, timer and a crazy mother running back and forth.  That's a workout, let me tell you!  I don't know why I haven't purchased a remote for my camera yet, you'd think I would have learned from when I did that crazy self portrait!  Oh well. =)

It was a good thing we did pics then because pretty much all of those leaves are now in our yard! (The rake and I are becoming good friends because we have A LOT of trees.)  Believe it or not, my kiddos actually enjoyed doing these pics and I was pleased that some of them turned out halfway decent.  Now that we've done just some basic pics with the tripod and timer, I'm excited to try again and do some that are more creative!  Especially now that I know they thought it was fun! 

Yep, that pretty much affirms that they are the greatest kids ever. As if there was ever any doubt. =)

We got out the leaf blower and blew the leaves into a big pile and the kiddos had a BLAST in them!  They got to play in them until it got dark so it was definitely an epic "playing in the leaves" day! =D  Levi was enjoying it so much, it was fun just to watch him.

His shoes were on the wrong feet.
The whole time. For every picture.  
And I never noticed until I saw this picture on my computer screen.  
And I call myself a mother!?! {shaking head}  

Fall is my favorite time of year, and watching my kiddos have fun in the leaves is definitely one of the best parts!

What's your favorite thing about fall?  And are you crazy brave like me and ever tried to do family pics with a tripod and timer?  How'd it go?


  1. Great pictures! What kind of camera do you have?

  2. What a beautiful family! You really got some great shots. I love the fall too :)

  3. Great pics! I've never been brave enough to try the timer shot :) Thought it was so cute about your little guy's shoes... my 4-y.o. little girl puts hers on that way ALL the time, and half the time I don't even catch it till much, much later :/ Don't want to know what kind of mom that makes me ;)

  4. Love the pictures! if you find a good remote, let me know! I am looking for one too.

  5. My 3 year old and 5 year old wear their shoes on the wrong feet ALL the time......I thought it was the new "thing" lol. I usually just go with it. I think it is more important that they get the pride of having "done it themselves" instead of me always correcting everything. :)


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