It's a Monday

Mondays.  {sigh} 

Sometimes I love them, and today, well...let's say I'm looking forward to tomorrow!  My littles are always fussy and that makes school interesting.  Tomorrow is another day though! =)  

Here's a few of the highlights from our weekend...
We had birthday cake and presents on Friday (even though Lydia's birthday was really on Wednesday)....
{pink lemonade cake}
Lydia found the idea for this cake in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine (I think) at my mom's house back in May. She is a lover of all things lemon and decided right then and there that this is what she wanted for her birthday cake!  
This pink lemonade cake w/ lemon frosting did not disappoint!  Wowsers, it was SO good.  I made it different than the magazine recipe and we all loved it.  My hubby said next to my chocolate cake, this is his favorite in the whole wide world. =D 
And look what we found in our shed!  Looks to me like he's been enjoying quite a few field mice, lol!

We also enjoyed watching our birthday girl speed around on her new bike....and had fun playing dress up with Lucy-loo.  =D  

On Sunday we had another house full of college students! (BTW...can I just say how much we are loving the students that have been attending our church?)  They are so much fun. Do you know what one of the gals brought last Sunday in case she had spare time?  A pair of plain flats and a can of yellow spray paint.  =D  She's a fellow shoe painter and thrifter, too.  Oh yes, I think we're gonna get a long just fine. ;)  

Miss Lucy has found a  new buddy...he holds her, reads her books and lets her play with (and chew on!) his iPhone.  It must be true love, lol.  Hopefully her little heart will not be broken when she realizes that he's just a tad too old for her! =D

So...how was your weekend friends?  And how's your Monday going?


  1. Do you have Ambassador students coming to your church? (Tell me your church name again?)

    and wow, Steven the snake handler?? did he kill it or leave it to eat more mice?

    and the cake looks yummy! My friend makes one and it takes 3 sticks of butter - does yours take that much?? :)

  2. Cake is beautiful and a great choice! Our daughter loves all things lemon too but last year she switched to a caramel-toffee cheesecake and more than likely will never go back! ;) I love the pics of Lucy all dressed up and with her beau! ;) So cute.


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