Folly Beach

Last Friday, after watching our Marine friend graduate from boot camp on Parris Island, we decided to be adventurous and take our kids to the beach on the way home.  They've always wanted to go but we've never had the opportunity.  

We really didn't know where to go so we stopped and asked one of the locals and they said Folly Beach was the best.  And we were not disappointed!

It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! We didn't get there until around 5:00 (we got turned around and ended up going 1.5 hours in the wrong direction...gah!!) so we didn't have too much time, but it was still a blast.  

There's so much to photograph at the beach, but I really wanted to play with my kids instead! I did manage to whip out the camera for a few minutes though and take some pics to remember our little excursion. 

Lucy had NO fear and just kept crawling into the waves.  She got a mouth full of salt water one time and didn't even cry!

Handfuls of wet, gooey sand....hhhmmm, I wonder what he's thinking? =D

Did I ever tell you I was baptized in the Ocean?  
I was saved while living in Puerto Rico and our church was on the beach so the baptistry was the ocean. =)

I asked my hubby to take a picture of me with the kiddos....sometimes I wonder if my kids are going to grow up and look through all the pics and say, "Hey...where's Mom?!"  
So there you have it little people, proof that Mom was really there. =D

Kissing the hand of the princess.  Love it. =)
Goodness...who are all these long-legged, lanky kids?  And when did they grow up?? 

Lucy wanted to taste the sand...although I'm not sure which she disliked most, the sand in her mouth or Daddy vigorously rinsing it out!

Love all those sandy feet-sies. =)
Except the fact that they all had to enter the van like that.  Why?
The showers, bathrooms, etc. were all closed due to storm damage.  
Of course we didn't know that before coming!  
So our van was the changing room, which was pretty hilarious. 
 Do you realize the acrobatics that must take place to change six wet and sandy people in a mini-van?  =P  
And how looong it took since we all have to take turns?
It was an adventure to say the least. 
{I think any couple wanting to marry should have to go through this situation at least once.  It builds character. =D}
Plus driving 5 hours home all sandy and salty was interesting as well, but that's okay.  It was worth it. =)

So long Folly Beach...we can't wait to come back!

Have you and your family ever been to the beach?  And when you go on a family trip, do ya'll have crazy things happen?  Or is it just us?! =D


  1. Well, we lived on a beach for 4 years when we pastored on the island in Nova Scotia. So our kids were "sand babies" from birth. :) Many baptisms took place in the ocean, and was it ever cold!!
    A tip for next time- have some baby powder on hand- it takes the sand right off and you don't have to rinse the skin. :) It's nice for kids especially when they want a snack at the beach....and they end up eating sand...haha!

  2. oh, yes, you will have to go back! Your kids will love it! :) That is one of David and I's favorite things to do when we are at the beach. Watch the parents introduce their kids to the beach/sand for the first time. Some scream, some would run in and drown if you let them, hilarious!

    Love the pictures!

  3. Love those pictures!! When mine were little, we went to the beach in MAINE!! The water was like 62 degrees, but the air was closer to 90, we were accused of bringing the heat with us from CT. It is rare it gets hot & humid there. Where do you live? Being baptized in the ocean would be so great; back when I was baptized it was sprinkled. Hubs and son got to be river baptized, also freezing that year. Where was the camera during the changing-in-the-van? LOL

  4. what lovely photos!

    i was baptized in a small pool that was under the churches stage. lift carpet, dunk, replace carpet. the ocean sounds better.

  5. Folly Beach! A few of us were there this past April while we were at the dr. in Charleston! That was during the time Allison was wheelchair-bound, so she couldn't get to the actual beach part. The end of the ramp was gone because of storm damage. ;) Very pretty place though. Quiet and peaceful. . . at least while we were there.

  6. I got engaged at Folly Beach! :) We just took our kids to the beach too and they LOVED it! Avril kept crawling right into the water too! :)


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