Experimenting in My Home

My home is never "finished."  It's an ever evolving place full of my experimentation.  When I get an itch to change things up, I don't need to go to the store, I just shop the house and steal from other rooms.  It's kind of a joke around here because NOTHING is safe.  Okay, well, maybe the pink tulle net over my daughter's bed, but that might just be it. =D Moving things around and trying them in different rooms is really fun! Sometimes I put it right back because it's a a bad fit, but other times I leave it for a day, a week (or 5) to see if I really like it.  

This morning I stole these from other places in the house and threw them together on this wall.  There used to be a black cabinet here but I moved that to the schoolroom.    The painted canvas is from the laundry room, the yellow canvas from our open shelving in the kitchen and the "French Fry" picture as I call it, was living on the kitchen counter. I felt like all of those colorful things needed to be grouped.  (I don't like the "sticker sneeze effect", as I call it, when things are randomly placed around.)  SO, I thought I would experiment and see if I like it.  

 Did you know that you don't have to use a nail to hang pictures on the wall?  It's my way of hanging things when I want to be non-committal.  Actually, several things on my gallery wall are hung with sewing pins.  (I used the ones with bigger heads.)  I have even hung a large chalkboard from a sewing pin.  No joke.  Just stick it in the wall and hang away.  Hooray for teensy tiny holes!

Oh, and we just scored this Eddie Bauer high chair off of craigslist for Lucy.  (At $30, it was a steal!  I'm so thankful for God's provision!)  Let's just hope Miss Lucy doesn't sling sweet potatoes up on these pictures!

Here's something else I'm trying out...a ladder in the living room.  It's supposed to go in the boy's room but somehow it ended up there.  I'm using it to store a quilt we love to use and our read-a-loud books for school.  
 It really needs more paint....anybody know of a great mustard yellow color?  (HELP!)

I've also been thinking of spray painting my white lamps or covering the shades in chevron fabric.  All I had was some grey stripe on hand, so with the help of clothes pins, I put it on to get an idea.  I wondered about yellow too so I put on some yellow stripe.   

When people tell me things they want to do in their home I try to encourage them that if they like it, "Go for it!"  Try new things, experiment and turn your home into a place that you love!

Do you experiment in your home?  What are you wanting to try out but just haven't yet?

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  1. I love your house! It is so welcoming and inviting!

  2. I LOVE the ladder in the living room. How cool is that! Sorry can't help you with the yellow color. Colors and I don't get along. I also like the way you are 'testing the waters' with the lamp shade. After you cover them will you share a tutorial on how to cover lamps?! Pretty please?!

  3. I've been wanting to make some burlap Valances for our curtains, and also make our loft into a little reading area...thinking we're gonna go for it! with the help of my wonderfully capable father and husband I think it'll work out :)

    PS- i hang pictures up with push pins lol

  4. Congrats on your high chair score. We have that one as well (8+ years now)and it holds up SUPERB. The tray simply does not stain (and believe me, there have been meals that I thought would never come off of it). Did you get the adorable chair pad with it? (We use it when the they are little to cushion them and keep them from slipping around. However, when the babes turn one and become messy monsters, it's back to the attic for future siblings.)

    I like the yellow stripe. ;)

  5. I think I have those same curtains in my kitchen! But I sewed them into valances.
    Where did you get that spray paint and what color is it? I am trying to find a similar color and am having trouble.

  6. Why are your pulls off the drawers?

  7. Yay! So glad you found the high chair you were looking for! :)

  8. We have that high chair. It has survived through three kids all 16 months apart, and it is still as beautiful as the day we got it. Hopefully, the grandkids can us it some day. I like how you experiment around your home. I do that that as well. Sometimes, I just need a switch, and find that I appreciate something more if it is in a different room. I love the ladder to hold blankets. You are inspiring me to try something new!

  9. I love the pin idea! I sometimes hang things with push-pin's...much to my hubby's dismay. lol I am alllllways changing things. Picture's, furniture placement, pillows...and trying to find inexpensive ways to do it. I love your picture wall!!! Are those pic's hung with pins??? =P

  10. ha - I want to know why the pulls are off too? Noticed that right away :)

    I love every single thing in this post, ok?? I love how you moved the artwork to experiment - totally do that all the time. But I usually make REAL holes and then have to patch and repaint. LOVE the artwork, love the highchair. And what is that cool vintage looking play kitchen - want to see it! Love the red bubble gum machine - that is on my/David's vintage list to find.

    the yellow ladder is so fun!

    and the lamps - I am waiting to see what you do, cause I need to do something to mine. But I am a little scared to make a final commitment. :)

  11. Your sewing pin tip is a good one. Changing things around is what makes decorating fun!

  12. what lovely pieces you have in your home. it is cheery. i think you should leave the ladder. i like the rustic look. i think two different shades could be fun on the lamps, too. sewing pins! i'm "sew' going to steal that idea.

  13. Laine, I love the way you brightened up that space! I especially like the yellow ladder--I don't even think you need to add any more paint to it. It looks cool sort of faded like that.

    Thanks so much for the sewing pin tip! I'm sure lots of things I hang could make it just fine without a heavy nail to hang from--and my walls would appreciate it! :)

  14. Love all your home experiments, Laine (I say go for the striped gray fabric...chevron's too overdone right now : )), and I'm featuring your cool push pin idea on the blog today!


  15. I love the way you are testing out the options on your lamps! I really love the aqua lamp with the gray striped shade, but it would really depend (for me) on how pervasive aqua is in the rest of the room... The white and yellow are lovely too (and not so "look-at-me") So it would really depend on whichever way fits best with the rest of the room :)
    I like the sewing pin trick tip, too... I hang all of my pictures with pushpin thumbtacks, as they are a lot easier/faster to hang than nails :) But they still make good sized holes (though not quite as big as a nail). I'm definitely gonna have to start raiding my pincushion when I do my experiments!


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