Back to School Pics--2012

I finally, finally took some "school" pics of my kiddos on Thursday evening.  My hubby was off at a meeting and the weather was beautiful, so I decided to be a little crazy and do a photo shoot.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was a bit nutty dragging my kids into the middle of our gravel road, complete with a baby in a stroller and 3 year old dressed up like a cowboy.  =D  (Just so you know, the speed limit is 10mph and only a few people live down here, so don't worry!) But it was a lot of fun, and it was just what I needed...very stress relieving!  Doing a photo shoot, whether it's my children or someone else, always "energizes" me and gets my creative juices flowing.  Love that. =)

Hard to believe these little people are in 4th and 2nd grade.  Goodness...before I blink they're going to be in college!{gulp}  

 These two can fight like cats and dogs, but they are the best of friends.  =)
I hope it stays that way!

 I'm not sure how many times a day I find Caleb in his chair like this during school.  So yeah, I had to take a picture of it! 

 This pic above may just be my favorite of the evening.  He was so lost in naming the countries.  And jeans and boots are what he lives in...happy I could capture a true "Caleb" moment!

 These two are total bookworms.  I'd call their name and they'd be like, "Huh...oh, I mean ma'am??" =P

Lydia's birthday is on Wednesday so we're going birthday shopping together tonight. Happy to have some mommy/daughter time with my big girl. =)

Hope ya'll are having a happy Monday! 


  1. LOVE the pictures! I see you found your yellow Pepsi crate :)

    I love your favorite picture of Caleb touching the globe and I love the one of Lydia lounging and reading.

    You inspired me, I have never done any "shoes/feet" shots - going to try some of those :)

    Your photography is so beautiful and so inspiring! :)

  2. The pictures are great!! You have inspired me to get out there and get school pictures done. Something I really haven't done much of and I have a 7th grader...uggh, how time flies!!! Anyhow, I have 2 girls, 7th & 5th, and they both LOVED Caddie Woodlawn and are bookworms. Thanks for sharing and inspiring, as always!!

  3. Very sweet pictures of very cute children. You are right, they grow up way too fast. Love the boots too!

  4. What absolutely gorgeous photos! The pics of my three kids going off to school this year were horrific. Maybe I need to stage something like this to capture them better.Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. awww...my oldest girl Madison birthday is Thursday :)She will be 8. we will celebrate it on saturday tho when daddy is home...this year she is into American Girl so going to head to Tyson's corner where there is a new American Girl shop....have a good time with your girl!

  6. Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids! Absolutely adorable!!!


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