The Unofficial School Room Tour

I can hardly believe that tomorrow we'll be finishing up our 3rd week of school.  Wowsers.  It seems that these days are flying by faster that I imagined!

Since I've been MIA a lot lately, I thought you might enjoy an unofficial tour of where I'm spending a good portion of my days....the school room! =)  It's definitely not ready for a "reveal", but little by little it's getting spruced up.  (This week I added some large, vintage ABC cards that are so cute.)

Some of you may, or may not remember, but last year we didn't have a "school room", we just did all our work at the dining room table.  At the end of last year though we began to have more and more issues with staying focused (can't imagine why with a toddler and a baby around, lol!) so we decided that it would be best to have a quieter area dedicated for school.  

So, in case you're curious, here's a little of what goes on in our tiny schoolroom throughout the day....

Yep.  That's a closet...in our school room. So perfect for the computer!

 Coffee...is it possible to homeschool without it? =P

 My hubby built me this cubby style book shelf a few years ago.  All the shelves are adjustable too which I love.  Mommy crafts on top and little people stuff on the bottom...perfect.
 Still loving the workboxes.  Best change we've EVER made in our homeschool. The little white bookshelf was stolen from the girl's room. =)

Now that I'm looking at these pictures, I realized that my hubby built almost everything in here!  The black bookshelf, the black cabinet (taken from the dining room), the workbox shelf and that little white bookshelf.  I think I may just be a little spoiled! =)
{our puzzle eating mascot}
I walked into the schoolroom the other night to fill the workboxes and I was a little startled (and highly amused) to find that we had some visitors in our classroom.  
 Cicada shells from under a tree.  Lovely. =D

After three weeks of school, I have decided that I really want to repaint in there....it feels kind of sleepy.  Right now it's painted Comfort Grey (Sherwin Williams) which is a gorgeous color, but it's pretty "grown-up-ish" (as my kiddos say) and yeah, I don't know how else to describe it other than sleepy and a bit too relaxing. 

Oh yeah, and I'm dreaming of this fabric for in there. {swoon}

{via Whatever}

I shared this on Facebook yesterday after I saw it on Meg's blog.  Doesn't it just look fun?  And happy? If I used this for curtains in the school room, I may just live in there.  Oh wait, I pretty much do! =D

So...if you are a homeschooler, do you have a school room?  And what's your opinion on the decor in school rooms? Should it be bright and fun or calm and soothing?  Oh, and I must know....what do you think of that rainbow chevron? =D


  1. Love your space... all that storage looks fantastic and so useful! We have neutral walls in our homeschool room but lots of bright fun accents. I think it depends on your preference but my kiddos love the bright colors. As for that rainbow chevron, one word, LOVE!

  2. I love your school room, especially all your storage pieces -- your hubby did a great job! I myself prefer the calm, relaxing colors so your Comfort Grey is very "comforting" to me, but I also adore that fabric. I'm sure whatever color you choose for the walls will look wonderful.

    We just moved our school room too and it's taking me forever to finish all the little details, but I better hurry up because school starts on Monday. : )

  3. so what was this room before? need a home tour - hint, hint! and I know, I am one to talk as no one even knows what my upstairs looks like except the hall and bathroom :)

    and of course you know I LOVE the curtain idea. I think I would leave the walls neutral. and bring in all your accents with the curtains and accessories. maybe even paint some of the bookshelves colors from the curtain - yellow, red, turquoise :)

    a free pint of paint from Ace might be enough to do some :)

  4. love it! We did school in the kitchen last year too and with a 3 year old and 1 year this year I knew that things would be difficult. With my dads and hubbys hard work we closed in half of our garage to make a school room. It makes a huge difference for sure!

  5. LOVE that fabric!



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