Not quite there yet

Why, hello friends!

No, I haven't fallen off the map somewhere.  Promise. Instead I've been trapped inside our tiny office-now-turned-school-room for the last week purging, organizing, moving furniture cleaning, etc. (Didn't you hear my muffled screams?!) =D

The plan had been to start school the 3rd week in August.Then we decided last Monday that we were going to start on Tuesday.  As in yesterday.  (For a variety of reasons it made the most sense.)  

And WOWSERS, has it been crazy.  But it's all finished (hallelujah!!) and every square inch of that room has been organized.  Every thing has a home and it is all easily accessible and has a good flow.  I am HAPPY. =)

This year I'm teaching 4th grade, 2nd grade, preschool and have a baby crawling around getting into every. little. thing.   I'm not going to lie, it's ALOT to handle.  I don't know exactly when I'm going to fit in laundry, let alone blog!

So for right now posting may be a little sporadic until I get it all figured out.  I'm just not quite there yet and I hope ya'll will stick around until I am.  Pretty please? =)

Well, now that that's all out of the way....how about some pics from Levi's birthday? It was fun to stop and celebrate amidst the craziness of getting ready for school.  This little guy is so full of energy and fun, he's a blast to be around.  He could hardly stand the days leading up to his big day....it was so cute because as soon as his eyes opened in the morning he would say, "Is today my birday?!  How many more bednights til my birday?"  Love it. =)

 He wanted to go to Discovery Kids on his birthday but it was closed so we went swimming instead.  This has to be my favorite picture of him right now...and are those eyelashes ridiculously long or what?  Kills me.  
 Those goggles crack me up!  Her brothers just loved snatching her barbie and "drowning her" half the time.  Boys. {shaking head}
 Any of you ever heard that old song by Bing Crosby that goes, "Oh I could write a sonnet, about your Easter bonnet...."  That's all I can think of every time Lucy wears this hat! =D
 Levi wanted a chocolate cake with green icing for his birthday and he wanted to decorate it himself.  So I let him go at it with some dark chocolate M&M's...yummy!

 The next day we were able to take him to the Discovery Kid's museum.  This place is amazing...if you have children you MUST go.  It is so worth it!!  It's like a miniature world where they can do everything.  
 Levi was a cashier in the restaurant in between cooking up the orders. =)
 Nurse Lydia giving my "baby" her checkup. And a shot.  Poor baby.
 I love the toothless goofball stage.  It's fabulous. =)

 You can rock climb, or practice your gymnastics!

 They even have a place for little babies.  Lucy was fascinated by that adorable baby in the mirror. =D

 The water table was a hit, and I loved that they had little chairs and aprons for the babies.  Although Lucy kept trying to slurp the water.....ewwwww. 
 And I just melt when I see this picture.  Lydia was a waitress and was at the counter of the little "diner" and was taking her daddy's order.  Her face just says it all as she looks up at him. So sweet. =)
It was such a fun day.  The best place for kids I've ever been to! (And we were gifted with a season pass...yeehaw!!)  Can't wait to go back!

So....what's the status in your home right now?  Winding down the summer?  Already started school?  How are you doing amidst the craziness?


  1. We were given a pass too!!!!!! We Love discovery place kids!!!!!!!!!! Love all your pics

  2. Great pictures of the kiddos!!! Of course, all of us HS Nerds out there would love to see pics of the newly organized office/school room!!! {Pretty Please!!!}

  3. wanna see pic of new school room too.. :) caute kids!

  4. I homeschooled for 10 years. My kids are 24 and 18 now! Time certainly flew by. We used to start in early August because it was just so hot here in South Texas that we stayed inside anyway. Then come the cooler weather in October we would take 2 weeks off. We used to love our October breaks. cdsmith322 at aol dot com


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