How to Make a Giant Chalkboard

Ever since last year when I showed you the dining room, I've been getting inquiries about our chalkboard.  (Seriously don't know why it's taken me SO long to write this post!?!?)  A massive chalkboard was something I wanted for my home ever since I saw one in a Pottery Barn catalog years ago.  I had thought about just painting a chalkboard on the wall, but my uber-smart hubby pointed out a few issues with that, like...

1)what if one of the kidddos pushed too hard and it made a hole in the wall...
2) or how about if I wanted to change the wall color, it would be a pain to paint around (which was so true since we did repaint a few weeks ago...he knows me too well!)
3) and if we ever moved, my humongous chalkboard would be left behind. That was the clincher for me, lol! =)

Here's how we made it: (btw...we made it over two years ago when I wasn't blogging, so there's no step by step pics, sorry!)

We used 1/8" Eucaboard that comes in an 4'x8' (48"x96") sheet for $8 from Home Depot or Lowe's.  "Eucaboard" is just 1/8" MDF....just in case the guy in the lumber department looks at you like you have two heads. =D  We painted it with several coats of chalkboard paint (that we already had) and then cut it down to 4'x6'. (I actually used the extra that was cut off for the summer list last year.) 

For the frame my hubby used door casing trim that we had taken out of this house when we began the remodeling.  It is something similar to this moulding that you can find at Lowe's.  
To attach the frame to the chalkboard,we screwed it on from behind, through the board and into the frame. We hung it using heavy duty picture frame hangers (found in the hardware section at Lowe's) that look like this....
Since we had everything we needed to make this except the MDF, it only cost us $8.00 out of pocket, which was awesome! =)
I absolutely LOVE this chalkboard and it's size.  It's so perfect for homeschooling and it's just plain fun!  It's hardly ever clean, there's always some doodling or writing on it.  Love that. =)

The chalk just sits up on the top ledge, safe from Miss Lucy who not only is mobile,but loves to put everything in her mouth!  My kids like using sidewalk chalk on our board...it shows up well and they have lots of fun colors! =)

So if you have always wanted a big huge chalkboard in your home, I hope this will help!

Do you have any chalkboards in your home?  Did you buy it, make it, paint it on the wall?

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  1. I've always wanted to paint a smaller wall with chalkboard paint and call it our "blessing wall".....and spend each year writing down family blessings, big and small. It's on my mental list for someday when we buy a house. Not sure that our landlord would appreciate that now...lol! For now we just do it on paper. :)

  2. Love this, Laine! It fits in so perfectly with your dining room decor and it just beautiful! Wonderful way to make a huge chalkboard :)

  3. Love this, Laine. I'd love to put one in our school room somewhere. We'll see. My husband will roll his eyes over this new "must" for the room. lol!

  4. did you use spray paint chalkboard paint, the roll on can, or make your own chalkboard paint?

    1. We painted a wall in my daughters kitchen with spray paint chalkboard paint-never do this. What a mess...it drifted onto the floor and nearby wall..even though we used paper and were extremely careful. I would vote for the can paint.

  5. Great chalkboard! I decided to get a whiteboard for my home school room, because I thought it would be better for my Little Dude that struggles with writing. But, for looks, I am so sad that I didn't get a chalkboard! There is just nothing like it! Yours is fabulous, and I wish I had one too! ...the things we do for our kids!

  6. I love it! Chalkboards are so fun! I actually do have one painted on the wall (along with lots of smaller ones!) you can see mine here if you are interested: http://littlevintagecottage.blogspot.com/2012/07/pallet-valances-kitchen-curtains.html - you have to scroll down a ways...


  7. I went over to the moneysavingmom.com website during my lunch hour at work today and lo and behold...saw your guest post!! Pretty impressive :)

  8. What brand chalkboard paint did you use? I would love to have my own chalkboard but I'm not sure which paint to use since I've heard sometimes it just doesn't work well.

  9. What brand of chalkboard paint did you use? I've heard some don't work as well as others.

  10. What a great idea! You have inspired me to get some chalkboard paint and make my own chalkboard! Thanks!!

  11. You are so creative! What did you use to cut/trim the Equaboard? I think I'm going to try this but we don't have a ton of tools that would cut something like that. So just curious what we should borrow or buy to cut?


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