Fun Family Weekend

Happy Monday, Friends!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend!  We had a great one....Friday and Saturday we stole away to my in-law's since Steven's brother and his family were in to visit.  It was SO fun and we came home so refreshed.  Love that. =)

It was an epic weekend for our little people.  They had a blast with their cousins!  Friday night we had a cookout, roasted marshmallows, played flashlight tag and then all the guys camped out in the backyard while the girls did girly things like watch Emma and paint fingernails.  My niece painted my one hand blue, pink and red striped...sweet. =)  We finally went to bed around 2:30ish.  I don't think Lydia has ever stayed up so late! =)
Breakfast was a big affair with pancakes, bacon, country ham, biscuits, eggs, zucchini bread...I probably forgot something.  It was delish!

{love her sleepy face}
Have you ever played Quelf?
It is pretty hilarious.  
Although I'll give you a warning: this is not a "play first thing in the morning after breakfast" type of game. 
It's more of a "play late at night when you're tired and feeling a little crazy and laughing at every blessed thing" type of game. 
But it didn't help that the guys were trying to be party poopers. Boo. =P
Poor Grace...at one point she had to sit under the table until her next turn.  And we all forgot about her, lol! 

See this little runt of a dog?  This is Zac...short for Zaccheus..you know, because he was a "wee little man?"  He is such a funny dog.  And he has a curly-piglet tail.  He should get extra cuteness points for that. =D

Grandpa (with the help of his sons) made two corn hole board thingy's and it was such a hit. We all had a great time with it!

Camping out was just awesome for the boys. 
I was truly surprised that Levi didn't have to come in during the night but he slept great!

Miss Lucy and Zac got a long okay...they're both teething and learning not to bite.  Makes life interesting! =D

The boys were building a rabbit trap out of twigs and were SO sure they'd catch one.  Or catch a sister.  Cracked me up!

Badminton...have you every played?  
I STINK at it, lol! =D

Saturday afternoon my hubby and I stole away for a few minutes to a local antique shop.  It wasn't very big, but they had a lot of great things.

I really, REALLY wanted this Pepsi crate to come home with me. {sniff:sniff}  LOVE the yellow!
These vintage linens were so cool.....
and these green dishes.  Pretty, pretty. 

These hand churns were really neat and of course I loved these mason jars.  But not the price...some were $25.00 a piece! Yikes!

Cousins are awesome. =)
They are pen pals when apart and pretty inseparable when together.  
SO fun.
They are 12, 10, 9, 8 (almost 9!) and 7.  
When did these kids grow up?!

We have a great family....
my in-laws have been married for 40 years...
raised their boys to love and serve the Lord...
and now they have ten grandchildren being raised the same way.  

And when we're all together there's no feuding, fussing or fighting...instead, we joke and make fun, play games, stuff our faces (lol!), exhange homeschooling ideas, try to encourage each other in our ministries...it's pretty special.  =)  

Very thankful for my family and the fabulous, relaxing weekend together!  Can't wait to do it again!

So...what were you up to this weekend?  And have you ever played "Quelf?"  Do you have any favorite games that you play when your family is together?


  1. I have never played "Quelf" but now I want to. Your comments are so "me" it is weird! Our kids have great fun with their cousins too when we are Stateside! Which is not very often. :( Looks like a great time for all! We play Headbanz, Guesstures, and Monopoly as a family. When we are with other family in the US, Phase 10 is a favorite. We like to laugh at the older members of the family who can't remember the difference between a run and a set is!!! ;)

  2. "Party Poopers"? I resemble that remark.

  3. I can just imagine little Lucy trying to bite Zac!!! Thanks for the fun post...I'm off to find this Quelf game...our family loves a good game!!!

  4. How fun! Love the cousins pictures! Sounds like a fun weekend. I didn't have cousins growing up - got my first cousin when I was 16 so didn't have that. and don't have kids so can't have cousins for my nieces/nephews either. :( at least my husbands brothers kids - our nephews and my sisters kids - my nieces have fun together (even though they aren't related). they will just have to pretend to be cousins :)

    And I have to say, I saw a Pepsi crate just like that and didn't buy it. I wasn't sure it that was what it was supposed to look like but now you make me want it. It wasn't priced but I am thinking I could get it for cheap. I may have to go back and check :)

  5. That is a lot of fun packed into a weekend...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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