Sunshine...or Not

There they stood, staring out the window, reminding me of the children in Cat in the Hat.
I think I'll always remember their faces when I told them they could go play in what the locals would call a "gully washer." =)
Watching them have a blast in the rain was totally worth the wet clothes and muddy boots.

I've learned it's okay to say "yes."
It usually means more messes and more time spent cleaning than in the activity itself.
But this is what means the most to them.

They told me that night that it was the funnest day they had ever had.
It didn't cost anything...didn't even take any planning.
Just a mommy willing to hose off some muddy children and do an extra load of laundry.

And I really, really struggle to be that kind of mom.
It's WAY too easy to just blurt out "No" all of the time, even when I could easily say "Yes!"
Sadly, "No....no...NO!" can easily become the soundtrack of our home.

I'm not talking about overindulging our children or giving them everything they want.
But it's okay to open doors of opportunity and enrichment for them with an enthusiastic, "Sure!"
Leaving the "No's" for sinful things instead of finger paint will be far more effective in rearing joyful children.

Go head mom's, add some sunshine to their rainy days through that unexpected "Yes!"

Do ya'll fight the saying "no" syndrome like me?  Please tell me I'm not the only one! =)

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  1. I'm so guilty of this! I've been trying harder to just say yes and let some things go. Like go ahead and feed yourself your yogurt, I know you want to, even though more will end up on the table and floor. Or the other day I let my 2 year old play in the rain, too! and he loved it! It's never as difficult to clean things up as I always imagine. One extra load of laundry? Why not? What difference does 1 more load make? (I mean, it's not like my laundry is ever caught up anyway) :) And a simple wipe of the table and floor in about 10 seconds, and it's done! The same with coloring. Kaden colored all over the table the other day instead of on his paper, and you know what? It wiped right up. No big deal :) This is so important - saying yes to this kind of stuff. I find myself saying "no" more than "yes" but I'm working on it! You're not alone :)

  2. I'm the same way. When I catch myself saying no all the time, it's usually my wake-up call that I'm too busy or preoccupied to connect with what brings my children joy. Honestly, the last few weeks have been that way with us- pastor's wife stuff. I know you understand.

  3. I love this post!!! It is so true! Thanks for your godly example of a great mommy!

  4. You are definitely NOT the only one to struggle with this. Way to go on saying "Yes" sweet friend!

  5. I struggle with "yes" too. What a great post. A great reminder for me to let go sometimes. Have a great weekend.

  6. NO!!! You're not the only one! ;) Sorry, I just wanted to say "No!" again, it comes so naturally for me. ;) So, does that answer your question...I struggle with this one for sure and I thank the Lord for His sweet voice that reminds me from time to time, "Just say 'Yes!' It will all be okay! I loved what you said about "leaving the 'No's' for the sinful things instead of finger paint." Very well said!

  7. I feel like you are talking directly to me!! My 5 year old asked me the other day why I always am saying "No's" and not "Yes's." This has been on my heart since he said that. "No" seems to blurt out of my mouth before I think the question through. I want to say "yes" to fun more often and leave the "no's" for sin too. Thank you so much for this post. (Love the sweet pictures of your kids. You can tell they had a blast!!!!)

  8. I think all we mamas are nodding our heads in agreement. {That's one way to get us to nod "yes" instead of "no"!} LOL!

  9. I too struggle with this. I went to a Marriage Class called Weekend to Remember and got reminded to "say YES more often" in marriage and with your kids. I have learned that saying YES more often means that my NOs are more significant. And the NOs no longer have the "why" question following them. It is more accepted that when I say NO it simply means NO.

  10. Wonderful post, Laine! Definitely going to have to "play in the rain" with my nieces one day. They always want to like on Sunday morning - splash in the puddles in the church parking lot - LOL! NOT a good time - so one day I will say "Yes" instead of no :)

  11. That has been my desire all year. To say yes more to things that I really have no good reason to say no to accept because I am being lazy. Thank you for this post and reminder. My kids also went out and played in the rain on Monday. When it was all over they were really dirty and so all needed baths, but they had a blast and I enjoyed watching them.


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