Reader Q & A--Everything You Never Wanted To Know

Recently I received this comment:
Two totally-unrelated-to-this-post questions: 1) what curriculum(s) do you use in homeschooling & 2)you seem to always wear a skirt in your pictures--do you always wear skirts? Just out of pure curiosity. . . :) Jessa on Fourth of July Fun!
I got a laugh out of question #2 (now you're curious too, aren't you?!) Not a week passes that I am not asked great questions via email, facebook messages or through the comments on this blog. And I LOVE your questions!  

The most common question I receive is about homeschooling, many of which center around our choice of the Sonlight curriculum for our children.  These are loaded questions and I just don't have time to answer every one of you in depth. That is unless I duct taped my kiddos to the wall and we ate boxed mac and cheese for a week. =D (kidding..kidding)  Next week I plan to tackle a series of posts on my review of Sonlight, why we love it and how it works for us.  For those of you who have questions about that, feel free to ask them in the comments, but just know that I'll answer them in that series.

So....if there's something you want to know about the crazy lady behind that camera, here's your chance!  Leave a comment below and they'll be answered in a post next week.

And yes, I will answer the question regarding my skirt wearing status in that post as well. =D

Oh, and just as a warning...let's keep this "family-friendly" okay?  Anything rude or crude will be promptly deleted.  Just sayin'.  But ya'll are awesome and I don't really expect any of that. =)

Now go ahead...leave a comment and ask away! =)


  1. Dear long-lost twin sister,

    We used Sonlight for about 7 years, then switched to Switched on Schoolhouse. Since we were switching, this seemed like the thing to switch to. We haven't switched since. Just wanted to type switch a few more times.

    No jumpers?

    1. Hahahaha!! Oh my, Joan! You are hilarious! And you cracked me up about the jumpers! =D No, I don't think I've worn a jumper since I was pregnant with Caleb. Although, does a maxi dress with a t-shirt count as a jumper? =P I do remember the last time I jumped in them. ;)(HA!)

  2. I will enjoy reading although I can not think of any questions to ask you. I already know why you wear skirts and why you don't wear jumpers so I am good for now! ;)

  3. I can't think of any other questions other than the ones I asked on your slipcover post .

    Oh, and when are we going to see more rooms in your house - your cute laundry room, kitchen, your room, etc. Or do I need to come visit ;)

  4. Here's a cleaning question for you: I enjoyed your post about using Dr. Bronner's in your foaming handpump and since I'm joining the bandwagon on safer, healthier cleaning I'm wondering what the difference is between using Dr. Bronner's soap and Mrs. Myers. Or even just using ingredients such as water, vinegar, and baking soda? Also, where do you recommend as a good source for essential oils?

    PS LOVE the new living room color. I'm a fan of yellow but the new color is really lovely; it seems calm and elegant.

  5. As I just started reading your blog....I am not sure if this is here anyplace...do you garden?Where do you get your style inspiration?What style do you consider your decor?Also if your parents were always frugal like you seem to be?Did they make do with what they had,or is this new in your life now?I am totally inspired by young families being able to make something out of (what others might consider nothing)our kids are raised and we have grandkids now,it seems we often made do and made the very best of what we had....but others never could understand why we didn't care to keep up with the Jones's...I love your style and the fact that this home is now a diamond,that seemed to be in the rough before you:) God~Bless your beautiful family and your gorgeous HOME....I say that word HOME with meaning because yours is a space I could feel at home:)Take care


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