Every year my kids look forward to "Cow Appreciation Day" at Chik-fil-A.  (They have brilliant marketing too, don't you think?)  On Friday we donned our felt cow ears, pinned on some tails, wore "Eat more chikin" signs, and earned ourselves some free food!  Their food is SO good...it's totally worth the effort!  And the embarrassment. =D

My kiddos all looked cute, but Miss Lucy stole the show.  I put some ears on her and gave her a sign, but I didn't realize that she was holding it until we walked in and people started swarming.  Workers were coming from the back just to see her, it was so funny!  We only expected to get a free entree because we weren't completely dressed in cow apparel, but I think we have Lucy-loo to thank.  The manager was smitten, lol!   

{Staring at the cow...glad she wasn't crying!}
 I glanced over at her while we were busy devouring our food and noticed this funny face.....
Lucy....the sign says to eat chicken...not paper!!  Silly girl. =)

After our uber delicious lunch, we headed downtown to the Discovery Place, which is a children's science museum.  We met up with my Dad and had some fun!  I must confess that at times it was pretty humorous watching my Dad try to keep up with my kiddos while Steven and I just kinda' hung back and watched, lol.  He was going to take them all himself, but I'm thinking he's probably glad we came too, haha. =D 

Food. Fun. Family. 
It was an awesome day! =)

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