Fourth of July Fun!

Seriously, can Wednesday really be July 4th????  That just seems super crazy.  This year is flying by way, WAY too fast.
{Independence Day 2011}

While I don't go "all out" with decorating and stuff for the fourth of July, I do like to do something patriotic!  If you don't know yet what to make, here's a few things that I've seen that have definitely inspired me!
Fruit Pizza
My kiddos would LOVE this for breakfast! =)
Fourth of July Toast
Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

Flag Cake

Patriotic Trifle

This wreath is so creative!  It's made with Red Hots...who would have thought?!  
Red Hots and Rocket Wreath
For fun you could even serve colonial-era food like popcorn, corn bread, baked beans, apple pie, coffee (not tea!), etc.  Reading books or watching a good movie about the events surrounding America's Declaration of Independence is also a fun thing to add to your celebration! This year in school we read the book Johnny Tremain and we're going to watch the movie this year. There's also a great series that we watched last year on YouTube called Liberty's kids

Even if you don't have a big celebration, I hope you'll take the time to reflect on our nation's history and thank the Lord for the incredible sacrifices made for our freedom!

What are your plans for July 4th?


  1. Thanks for featuring my fruit pizza! :)

  2. Two totally-unrelated-to-this-post questions: 1) what curriculum(s) do you use in homeschooling & 2)you seem to always wear a skirt in your pictures--do you always wear skirts? Just out of pure curiosity. . . :) Jessa


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