Single Serving Smoothies Blended in a Mason Jar + a Yummy Protein Shake Recipe

 That has to be the longest title ever.  My apologies.  I'm sure you'll forgive me when you see the awesomeness I'm going to show you....=)

How many of you have one of these lovely gadgets living on your counter or taking up cabinet space? 

Practically everyone does.  But how many of you actually make something that requires that whole pitcher?  I know I don't!  And don't you think the pitcher is a little annoying?  I always feel like I'm wasting because the contents get all stuck around the blade and then I have to scrape it out. Usually when I make a smoothie or my hubby makes his breakfast protein shake, we are just making one serving.  And more often than not, I end up making too much because I get fooled by the big container!  Gah! 

But guess what my hubby discovered last week?!  A small mouth mason jar can attach to the base of your blender!!  For real. When he told me I thought, "No way!!"  But really, it works, and it is FABULOUS.  And if you were around us at all last week you probably already know since my hubby was telling everyone.  Totally cracked me up!  Hey, this is life changing stuff, you know! =D

To make something you just take your small mouth mason jar and fill it up with your ingredients.  

My hubby started making these Chocolate Banana Protein Shakes for breakfast and they are really good!  To make it you just put a frozen banana in your mason jar (just used a regular one for the pic...frozen ones look kind of icky!), add a scoop of protein powder, about 2 tbsp. of Ovaltine powder and then fill the jar with milk.  Easy peasy. I love drinking this for breakfast when I'm in a hurry!

After adding your ingredients, put the seal around the rim of the jar and then put on the blade.  

 Screw the base cap thingy onto your jar and tighten it.
Invert it onto the base of your blender and blend away!  Just be sure to hold down the jar with your hand as a precaution.
And there you have it...your very own single serving of smoothie without all the mess! I love that we can make the perfect amount and we only dirty one thing.  Hooray for less dirty dishes! =D  

We actually used this method to make milkshakes last night after church.  (Celebrating the first day of summer! Woo-hoo!) It was awesome...especially since we had neopolitan ice cream and each kid wanted a different flavor of milkshake.  But since we can do a single serving so easily, it was no problem!  Just take the base off of the jar, add a straw and enjoy!  

Oh yeah, and I used this method the other day to puree some zucchini for Lucy.  It was awesome that I could just do a little bit!! 

So, what do you think?  To all of you smoothie and milkshake makers...is this not a life-changing and time-saving tip?!  Just say yes and I won't feel so silly, okay?  Please tell me you're as excited as I am about this magnificent discovery! =D


  1. That IS awesome. Never would have thought of that. I'd be telling everyone too. Thanks!

  2. So great to know!! I love the less dishes to wash too!!

  3. That is very cool. I can't wait to see if it works with my blender, too!

  4. Amazing. We have a single-serve little blender that we use all. the. time. It came with 4 large and one small cups. I have a large blender that I was just thinking about gifting, but I might save it for this! Kudos to you again!!

  5. Cool. I will have to remember that because the blender's pitcher is hard to manage. Same premise as the Magic Bullet, but you don't have to have another appliance. Would be great for frozen summer drinks. I have a chocolate whey protein shake(I don't eat soy)for breakfast every morning. The shake is vanilla, but I add cocoa and a little stevia~ my husband adds Ovaltine to his. We mix ours with a Braun hand blender and mix it in the cup we drink it out of, so we only have the mixing part to wash.

  6. I had to read this when you wrote it was the longest title ever; I have the longest blog name ever, lol. Seriously thinking of having a contest to help me change it-- just asking for suggestions has gotten 0 replies.
    Love your idea. The size of the blender pitcher makes me leave it where it is and I just can't bring myself to buy another appliance like Magic Bullet and have another item to store. Thanks. I'm supposed to start making protein whey shakes to bring quicker healing with more protein.

  7. How brilliant! I've pinned this to my Mason Jar board...be looking for some traffic. ;)

  8. Osterizer has been publishing this idea for years. I first saw it in my blender manual in the early 70's. You can also use a quart jar, it just has to be a 'small-mouth' jar, not a wide mouth version.
    Just a suggestion, look for a replacement sealing ring for the blender. Sold where buy the blender or in some hardware stores. The blender lasts forever, but the seal rings get old and crack.

  9. How cool! Another great use for mason jars!!


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