P52: Sunlight

Sunshine on the water is just gorgeous, isn't it?  I love the sparkles!  When I was a young teenager we used to go with another family in Maryland on a boat in the summer. We had such a blast.  Although one time when we were swimming my friend's brother decided it would be fun to cry "Wolf!"  Okay, well, not wolf but "jellyfish!"  He would scream he was being stung by a jellyfish and wanted us to help him to the ladder and out of the water.  He kept doing it to annoy us and then finally we just got tired of his drama.  He started screaming again and we just ignored him.  But that time it was real!  He was getting stung and we of course thought he was goofing off again!  Hahaha...funny memories.  =D

Anyway, while we don't have a boat or a lake (or ocean!) nearby, our friends allow us to frequent their pool.  The other day we were swimming later than usual and it was fun to capture the cool sparkle on the water that happens near sunset.  It's so beautiful!

Hi Lucy!!  So glad you love water....makes this mommy super happy. =)

 The other day Meg Duerksen (one of my favorite bloggers) did a great post on some tips for capturing great summer photos.  If you love photography, it's a must read!  

What are ya'll up to this summer?  Are you enjoying these long days full of sunshine?

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  1. Ahhhh. . . looks SO refreshing, Laine! Made me feel like I was right there in the water playing with them! : )

  2. Lovely, Laine. Water pics are hard to capture - but you've done it! Well done!

  3. ahhhh... wish I was swimming! can't wait for vacation in a few weeks so I can swim! ;)

    Love Lucy's face as she is in the water - so cute!

  4. Great pictures...of course pictures filled with cutie pie kids are always great! Swimming pools always make for a great Summer. Our Summer has been filled with work and church activities. The kids have camp next week, then VBS in a couple weeks. Lots of fun! :o)


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