It's been one of those weeks

I feel like I blinked and this week was g.o.n.e. 

It's been a busy one and every spare moment that I've had "computer" time, I've been pouring over homeschool stuff.  (Yep, it's almost that time again!)  Did a lot of researching, reading, talking with hubby...there's always something that needs tweaking and I feel like I can think now with those decisions behind me.  When I get in "school evaluation mode" my brain has little wiggle room to think about anything else, lol! (Anybody else like that?)

So yes, blogging and anything "extra" took a back row seat this week.  You know, I think I only took around 10 pictures this week!  Gah!  That should tell you something...my "normal" is usually 500 a week.  (It's a sickness, I know.)

Here's one of my 10 pictures...... 
 Last night I had SO much fun going with these ladies to the play Beauty and the Beast.  It was amazing..it was my favorite movie as a child so I really enjoyed it.  Although, it is not what I would call "kid-friendly" because some parts were pretty scary, and it definitely wasn't "husband-friendly" either since some of the costumes (i.e. the dancing silverware from the  kitchen song "Be our Guest") were quite immodest.  BUT, over all, it was fantastic and the voices were incredible!  

But I seriously can't wait to share some things next week, like my hideous secret I've been hiding from ya'll for years (Okay, so don't get too scared).  Oh, and that fabric is a wonderful thing.  And that's all I'm gonna say for now. =D

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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