Hello Monday {we caught a 'possum}

Hello Friends, and Hello to another super busy Monday!

Hello gorgeous turquoise spray paint...I have great plans for you!  (Here's a hint)

Hello vintage gumball machine, you are happy just to look at!  But you make me sad too...your owner bequeathed you to me since she's moving in a few weeks. I'd much rather her stay and keep her gumball machine than move and give it to me. {sniff:sniff}

Hello new additions to our Summer Library, the little people are already enjoying listening to you!

 Hello Eye Spy Quilt, my two year old LOVES you.  It was gifted to us this weekend from a mom of eight amazing children.  I'm trying my best to convince her to write a book...wouldn't you read it? =)  She suggested using it while I was nursing Lucy to keep Levi occupied and so far so good.  It even accompanied us to the church nursery yesterday and was just fantastic!

Hello $3 wooden yellow ladder, you're so full of character.  I have great plans for you too...it includes books and a bedroom with two little boys. =)

 Hello green beans from our garden, I'm going to blanch you today! 

And Hello ugly opossum...we found you in the trap this morning!  We were hoping to catch the rabbits and groundhogs that are trying to destroy our garden but we caught you instead!

So friends, what does your Monday look like?  What things are coming up in your week?

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  1. Aww, I think possums are cute. We had a mama possum and several baby possums stuck in our basement a few years ago. Mama died, but we took care of the little babies for weeks, then released them far back in the woods. We have a possum that comes and visit us nearly every night. Possums like the leftover cat food on our deck. The possum hasn't bothered our garden yet and our cats take care of the rabbits, mice and voles. Deer haven't bothered our veggie garden yet...they are too busy eating our hostas.

  2. awww... your photography actually makes that opossum look cute ;) look at those beady eyes - haha! what are you going to do with him?

    love all your photos!

    the $3 YELLOW ladder? I thought you didn't yard sale this past week? :) can't wait to see what you do with it!

    the quilt - I think I know who gave it to you - so sweet!

    and you got your gumball machine - yay! although sorry it had to be because she is moving :(

    and the turquoise paint - yay for trying out painting your cushions. I am still waiting to see if mine fades in the sun this summer - we'll see!

  3. WoW! What a Monday you have had! Mine hasn't been nearly as exciting. Look at all of your beans! My bean plants are barely 10cm tall - let alone covered with beans! And that possum - he is kind of cute, but a garden pest none-the-less! Now what will Tuesday bring......???


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