DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Is it just me or do you gals love Foaming Hand Soap, too?  Years ago I used my first bottle from Bath and Body Works and I was hooked. I don't know what it is, but the foam just seems extra special or something.  (Am I just weird?)  But as much as I love their soap, it's WAY too expensive!  Definitely smells good, but not that good if you know what I mean.  

(Oh yeah, I hope ya'll can forgive my grammatical/spelling error....I wrote "Hand Soap" as one word instead of two words in the picture.  Oops!)

After buying some Dr. Bronners Castile Soap to make homemade disinfectant, I was in a pinch one day and needed to fill up the hand soap container and decided to experiment with it and see what happened.   I'm happy to report that I've been using it ever since! (Don't know why I haven't blogged about it until now though!)  And it makes the perfect foam! As you can see, I've kept this Bath and Body Works pump and just refill it.  (They are good quality and this one has lasted for years!)

Yes, that is Dr. Bronners...it's just that I always remove the label because it has crazy writing on it!!   
To make the Foaming Hand Soap, grap your Dr. Bronners and add 1/4 cup to your bottle.  The pump holds 8.75 oz., so just adjust the ratio according to the size of your bottle. 
My Dr. Bronners is peppermint scented, but if you have a different scent you could always add essential oils to change it up.  This time I added a couple drops of lavender to make it lavender-peppermint...it smells SO good!  Many times I'll add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil as well for extra germ killing power!

 Then fill the soap dispenser up with warm water.  Do it slooowly though so it doesn't go foam crazy and spill everywhere!  After you put the lid on, shake it a little to mix. 
And voila!  You have your very own Foaming Hand Soap.  I really, really like this stuff...especially since it's quick, easy and cheap! 

And because it makes me feel all special to have foamy soap in my bathroom.  (It's the little things in life, okay? =D )

If you want to make this and are looking for Dr. Bronners, I bought mine at a Trader Joe's and I've also seen it at Target.  Tea Tree Oil can be found in the vitamin section at Walmart and essential oils can be easily found online and at some craft stores.  Hope this helps..if you have any questions just leave a comment or email.  =)

Happy Hand Soap Making! =D

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  1. I have been wanting to do this for just weeks now. Thanks for making me feel guilty. ;)

    In the mean time, we've been getting by with Mrs. Meyers hand soap. A bit pricey I know, but worth the peace of mind.

    I already have a pump. I just need to get the supplies. Thanks for the reminder, Laine.

  2. Mmm...lavendar-peppermint sounds wonderful!! great job!

  3. I do that too...and you're right...the labels are funny...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. That B&BW Midnight Pomegranate bottle is the one I've been using for years too! If you fill the soap up to to the bottom of the words on the bottom, and the water to to the top of the words, the consistency comes out just right. My husband figured that out for me because I always got it too thick! :)

  5. Just don't pump it right away. The filter in foaming soap bottles is a little delicate, and the warm water will mess it up. I fill mine and then let it sit and cool for a while before using it. I find that the Dial handsoap bottles work very well for refilling too, but not the generic brand pumps. Sometimes I just use dishsoap - the Dawn with Olay in it for hand softening. It is already fragranced and I love it! I've been doing this for years too...as well as for baby shampoo/body wash to make it last longer.

  6. I'm going to try this...I have soap bottles saved, and have been convicted lately that my Bath and Body Works "soap habit" is not really good stewardship! Thanks for a little encouragement! As always, love, love, love your blog!

  7. I do this too to make my own homemade foaming hand soap. Not with Bronner's but with whatever I happen to have. Wonder if Christa's homemade Mrs. Meyer's from a bar would do well as foaming soap :)

  8. I've been making my own foaming soap for years, and probably always will...lol. So much cheaper, especially with kids using it a lot.
    I keep some in each washroom and some on my kitchen sink....in a B&B Works bottle too! :)

  9. I remember how AMAZED I was when I found out how easily you could MAKE your own foam soap! Especially with what the foam soap costs!! Even the regular brands and not the cool BBW! Love it when we can have the stuff we love for cheapo!

  10. What a good idea! It makes sense to think that foaming soap is just regular soap mixed with water and air, but I've never thought about making my own. Thank you for sharing the details of how you make yours!

  11. If you put the water first, then add the soap, it won't foam up.



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