Thrifty Shoe Makeover with Acrylic Paint

Last January I was on a speedy trip through Goodwill  and found these adorable flats. They are SO comfy and have been well loved ever since!  And as you can see, they've been a little too loved and have gotten really scuffed up!  They were looking so rough and I was so close too giving them back to Goodwill!  It made me sad too since they were my favorite shoes!

 You can't really see in this pic but they were all scraped down the sides too.
Then I saw around bloggy-world where someone spraypainted their shoes.  I was going to try that but the spray paint I wanted to use was over $5.00!  Yikes.  (I could buy another Goodwill pair for less than that!)  Instead I went to Michael's while they were having their Acrylic Paint sale and picked up a bottle of silver metallic paint and silver glitter paint.   Acrylic paint is so cheap...as in less than a dollar!
After taping them around the edges of the soles, I took a foam brush and painted them with several coats of silver metallic paint. (Four, maybe?) On the very last coat I added in some glitter paint to give them a little sparkle! =D  

I was seriously impressed with how they turned out! Even my hubby was like, "Wow!!"  I even wore them to the Biltmore the other day and they held up great!  (Although after taking these pics I see that my taping job wasn't so hot....I still need to scrape off a smidge of paint from the sole! Oops.)  

Levi wanted me to take a picture of his feet too!  =)

Aaahhh..it's amazing what a little paint can do!!

I {heart} silver flats
I'm really, really happy with how these turned out!  This project has totally changed how I look at shoes...now I'm staring at my other shoes imagining them after a paint job!  This could be dangerous! =D

What do you think?  Do you have any shoes that could be rescued with a paint job?  

{P.S. I'm going to use this for last week's Project 52 post since the theme was "Green."  This was a "green" as in a "frugal" project, so it works...right? =) }

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  1. Wow, they look great! I wish I could do this to a couple of pairs of my shoes but they're fabric :( do you think fabric paint would work?

    Also my sister has been hunting everywhere for a pair of red heals but can't find any in a style she likes so I'm going to tell her to just look for a nice style and paint them red! This has changed the way I look at shoes too, thanks you :)

  2. Wow - I never would have thought. I've got a pair that's been sitting in the closet because I can't bear to get rid of them, but I don't wear them because they look so trashy. I may just have to give this a try!

  3. Found you through the P52 challenge and I love your shoes!!!

  4. They look brand new! Impressive! I've seen upholstered chairs and now shoes... What can't be painted any more?

  5. Wow! I love! I'm a new follower.. and I have a linky party going on. I'd love you to follow back and come link up!


    Jen :)

  6. These are just FABULOUS!!!! The color is PERFECT!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!! :)

  7. They look good. I have a couple pairs of scuffed ones that could use an update.

  8. So cute! I haven't painted shoes yet but I have added glitter mixed with Modge Podge to a pair of mine and a couple of my little girl's shoes. Turned out great!!! Will have to try painting next!

  9. Love it, Laine!! :)

    I don't have any shoes that are scuffed and need a transformation (usually they are worn out in other ways too so they are just ready for the donate pile) BUT I am wondering if I have 2 of the same color or a color that I don't like that I could change with some paint!! :)

    Always amazing what a little paint can do.

  10. I keep seeing this in the Blog World and want to paint some of my own shoes! Nice job, they are adorable shoesies.

  11. Fantastic job! I love how they turned out too! I've been contemplating recovering several pairs of shoes in my closet with different fabric prints just to jazz them, but, failing that, I may have to get my paint on! : )

  12. You have been featured at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Come on over and grab the ''featured'' button! :)

  13. Featuring your awesome shoe makeover today on Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!

    : )

  14. I once painted pair of brand new Birkenstocks! I loved the shoe but they were not the bright red I wanted. They are perfect now...but I just remembered some others I don't wear very often that could do with a change.

  15. AWESOME idea! Changes the way I look at kids shoes at garage sales!!


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