Road Trip Snapshots

I feel like I've finally recovered after our whirlwind trip up North. Whew! It was a good trip, just crazy busy!

Wanna see what we did all week?

Friday and Saturday were spent in the rural town of Damascus, Pennsylvania where my husband performed a wedding ceremony for some friends of ours.  Lydia was the flower girl too...she was so precious! (More pics to come from the wedding, still editing!)

We got back to my mom's house late Saturday night and the next day was Mother's Day.  And I could have kicked myself because I woke up late and then had to throw my wet hair up into a clip-thingy.  Oh well. =)  

I put Lucy in a smocked dress and bonnet for church, hee-hee! ( That was actually mine as a baby.) I seriously couldn't resist that bonnet...it was just too cute! (Although I have a feeling she's gonna hate me for it one day though, lol!)

{kisses from Grandma}
 Some of my family that I hadn't seen in years happened to be in town so that was awesome!  We have a BIG family, this is really only a handful of us.  We had a cookout Sunday afternoon and had a lot of fun catching up!

 Going from left to right in head order....brother, brother, cousin, brother, cousin (holding Lucy), cousin, Gram, brother, my Mom, Caleb, my Aunt, Lydia and then me, Steven and Levi.  (That was a lot of brothers, wasn't it?  I have six actually, so only my "baby" brothers were there.) 

Mmmmm....mom's amazing banana pudding.  She pretty much made a washtub of this stuff. (Okay, not really, but it was a HUGE bowl)  And then she commanded me to take a picture and blog it.  (Yes Ma'am!)  So here's your beautiful 'Nanner Puddin' Momma. =D

And these monstrous fellas are three of my baby brothers.  Yep, when they get smart with me I just pull the "Look here buddy, I changed your diapers" card and they straighten up.  Bwahahaha.  Now they tower over me...I feel like a shrimp.  It's so sad.  Seriously, when did they grow up?!?
 Caleb had a blast playing basketball with them!  He thinks they are total awesomesauce. 

 They all can dunk...and this one plays for Penn State.  Just look for the skinny white boy named Christian...that's my baby bro.  But goodness, I feel old.  Didn't I just help potty train him yesterday?!
 Monday morning my mom and I went on a breakfast date and I wore my DIY maxi dress.  I know, I know, I still have to tell you all about it, but I forgot my belt for it at home so I put a navy striped tee over it and a white cardigan.  Whatcha think?  Does the navy and green work?  Oh yeah...I let out the hem because I wanted it even longer.  Perhaps I should iron that, lol! 

 On Tuesday we went to the local Children's Museum.  My kiddos love the part of it that is like an old timey school house.  The have dress up clothes and everything!

They made me wear the "Dunce" cap, haha!
 They have this big theater set up with more dress up clothes and the kids put on Little Red Riding Hood for us.  It was super funny because they kept mixing up the story with the three little pigs.  Hilarious!
Why, hello! =D
 Lydia loved the human body exhibit..she got to put on a doctors coat and put all the parts back in this human body doll.  She thought it was awesome!  She loves that sort of stuff, which is not surprising with all she's been through.  Who knows, maybe she'll be a nurse or something!
 The museum was full of neat things like this old-timey telephone switchboard.  You could plug it into to different numbers and listen to old recordings of famous people.

On Wednesday, we left my mom's in Pennsylvania and traveled down to Maryland (right outside D.C.) to  visit my childhood and teenage best friend. We met when we were six years old and became like sisters!  We did everything together, even dressed alike and everything...we have SO  many memories!  People called us twin sisters of different mothers, lol! 

 Here's all of our kids together (except Lucy)...Lydia, Megan, Tyler, Caleb, Levi and Alana.  They were so sad that our visit wasn't longer!

 I've been dying to meet little Lana-loo..she is SO cute.  Her eyes will just kill you!
 Levi was so embarrassed to have his picture taken with her! =D

Sarah's home was so beautiful!  I absolutely loved her school room.  These handprints are over her huge chalkboard.  She's inspired me to make some!
 She is an amazing photographer and I love this huge print she did of her kiddos!
 Loving this coke crate and embroidery hoop!! 

We left there Thursday and finally got home safely around 11:00 that night. I was SO happy to see my bed!! =)  Even the kids slept until like 9:00 the next morning!  (Yay!!) 

 I'm so thankful for safety during our 1500 miles and for all the friends and family we were able to see, but honestly, I'm really, REALLY glad to be home. =) 

So...any of you have any long excursions planned for this summer?  Does your family like road trips?

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